Jun 1, 2005

Uptight Conservatives Choke on Deep Throat & the Truth

Deep Throat has been identified and the US media is abuzz. I was too young to be interested in the Nixon-Watergate scandal and, back then, Deep Throat was a movie I wasn't old enough to see. Anyway, it turns out that the FBI's number 2 in charge, W. Mark Felt, was disclosing information to the Washington Post about the criminal activities tied to Nixon's White House. This was crucial in exposing the Watergate burglars and the conspiracy behind it, but, most importantly, it led the US Senate to hold hearings and further investigate the matter. Without Felt, the issue would probably have died--no Congressional hearings--and tricky-Dick wouldn't have to resign. America went through a constitutional crisis, with the White House and Congress fighting over the rule of law. The Third Branch, the Supreme Court, decided that Nixon wasn't above the law and had to turn over his secret tapes, which revealed the conspiracy. Obviously this was a very important development in our nation's politics.
Nixon's worst tactical mistake was to fight J. Edgar Hoover's FBI ever since he was elected to office. Later, Nixon wanted the FBI to falsify reports regarding the Watergate burglary, Felt fought for the integrity of the FBI, but he couldn't go to any member of the government to report the illegalities, because everyone in the government was "in" the cover-up. FBI's acting director (Hoover died a month before Watergate), L. Patrick, was shredding documents when he wasn't throwing evidence in the Potomac River!

Today, the right-wing media and its attack dogs, like Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, and the other co-conspirators came out swinging against Felt, calling him a traitor, a back-stabber, and, their favorite phrase, un-American. Felt did the right thing no question about it! His critics are basically arguing that, once a person is part of the inner circle of the power elite, his allegiance changes from the law of the land to the man in charge; his supreme duty is to protect the president, over the laws of the country! So, if you see laws being broken, repeated criminal activity by cover-up, you should shut up because the leader is to be protected from petty laws applicable only to the ..peons. Nice! This shows what kind of government the arch-conservatives envision for our country. They're even trying to pack the courts with neo-conservative activist judges who will not look favorably at whistle blowers that want a clean government and accountability!

I wish we had more people today to blow the whistle on the wrong-doers in the current administration. The so-called liberal media is devoting more time on a 30-year old scandal than dealing with the
Downing Street Memo--which became public last month and it showed that, in 2002 (a year before the invasion), the US was planning to "fix" the evidence to support its decision to invade Iraq! The same memo also noted Washington's lack of planning on the aftermath of war in Iraq--the horrible failures in Iraq have been quite evident since the invasion in 2003. During his press conference on Tuesday, the media didn't have one question for Bush regarding the Downing Street Memo! Not one! Why?

If the president of the United States intentionally deceives the public on an issue of grave importance such as committing the nation to war, then if this isn't an impeachable offense I don't know what is. Read Greg Palast's
article for more insight. The only traction this issue has gotten is in the progressive blogosphere and the alternative press. These are the voices that wouldn't keep silent regardless the party affiliation of the sitting president. I know I wouldn't, because my country comes before my president, even if I voted for him. But, don't expect the same reaction from the conservatives. They are arguing that Felt was wrong to expose the law-breakers, and restore some faith in our government. Buchanan and the others involved in the Nixon administration, including the ex-cons, have benefited greatly since then. Felt, a 91-year old retiree, hasn't. Isn't there any decent American in the executive branch today to come out of his conservative closet and point out the true evil-doers in our government?

It seems to me that the conservatives in power are embarrassed by anything naked, even if it's the naked truth. Covering up is what they do best!


Anonymous said...

Of course those Republicans don't respect the law, and they do believe that loyalty is good as long as it serves their agenda.
Felt would have been persecuted and would have lost his job had he gone to his superiors to report the cover-up.
Graig, MA

Anonymous said...

It seems OK to some that getting a blowjob and lying about it (even under oath) was an impeachable offense, but lying to go to war, killing 100 thousand Iraqis, losing 1,700 American soldiers, having 15,000 Americans injured (some very seriously), and charging more than $200 billion to our country is not an impeachable offense!!!!!!!!

WOW, fuckin wow!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andros,
I cannot believe how many people have been suckered in by the "traitor" angle. Pat Buchanan IS intelligent--he's trying to make the public forget that what Nixon and his cronies did was an illegal, impeachable offense! And Bush has done worse--if only enough of us will wake up and take notice. Bush lied--thousands (and counting) died.

Andros said...

Buchanan and Bush are not stupid, in that they know what's in their best interest. Maybe they are not intellectuals, but they're smart enough to convince others, especially those from the lower economic classes, to vote against their own interests.

I believe that the true conservatives want to shape society according to their own beliefs even if this means sacrificing civil liberties, progress, and tolerance. They don't want an open debate because they often are trying to hide something. When someone said to Truman, "give them hell Harry," he responded, "I don't give them hell, I give them the truth, but they think it's hell!"
Of course, there are the powerlogs who just use power and the conservative ideology to line their own pockets. They're trying to impose on America what they've done in Texas: a kleptocracy.

Anonymous said...

One by one, all the culprits are coming out... Instead of praising Felt for serving our country and doing what any decent person would have done in a similar situation, they try to shift the issue to whether Felt should have gone to his superiors.... Ha! They wished he had done just that so the case would have died. The crooks would have had more time to destroy evidence and probably the case wouldn't have snowballed.
Remember, it took over a year, and lots of leads by Deep Throat to get Congress to investigate the matter.

Felt's boss, the FBI head, is documented that he threw confidential and damning documents from a bridge into the Potomac! The the Attorney General was "in" the coverup... and, of course, all the people in the Nixon administration were part of the criminal activities!

Jeff, NJ

Anonymous said...

Does ANYONE have any doubt what a Republican Congress would do if Deep Throat revealed the same criminal activities today...... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The Republicans who are in charge are crooks themselves and don't care about the law and ethics...
They even tried to change the House's ethics rules to shield their boss, Tom Delay. Shame!

Anonymous said...

In the end, Felt's motives are irrelevant to the case. It's like telling the French that they couldn't help us during our Revolutionary War because they didn't care about our causes, but rather they wanted to stick it to the English!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the press (I don't consider FOX News press) is liberal or not, but it has failed to live up to high journalistic standards! They are not courageous in asking, poking for the truth and playing their important role in the check and balances system. They're too comfortable in the plush rewards and have become lazy cohorts of the power elite.

Anonymous said...

I think that many people outside the government were complicit in creating the consensus for the war in Iraq. I understand that sometimes it's very hard to go against the grain, and popular sentiment, but it's necessary when the country is about to get involved in a terrible predicament.

Anne, NY

Anonymous said...

Our country has such a short memory.... What have we learned from the Vietnam War?
Probably very little judging from our involvement in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

In 1973, no prosecutor would compel a journalist to testify and name his sources, unlike today. Nixon didn't even think of making a reporter reveal his source.
Unfortunately, this has changed, so NYT's J. Miller is facing jail time for refusing to disclose her source (even if she never published anything on the subject). Meanwhile, conservative Novak who actually revealed the identity of a CIA agent (illegal to do so) is not in trouble!

It's no wonder why so many of us are cynical about politics.

Anonymous said...

Felt was breaking the law by leaking inside info on FBI's findings!

Anonymous said...

Whistle-blowing is not illegal.... not yet anyway. Felt was reporting on people who were actually breaking the law! As the article pointed out, Felt had nowhere to go except to the press, because everyone higher than him was in the coverup!
He risked a lot but he did the right thing.
Had he stayed silent, would his critics be happy? I guess they would (which show what they actually believe) because their favorite president wouldn't have to resign!

Those people criticizing Felt are disgusting. They don't care about the constitution and the rule of law but rather for their own agenda in shaping our America according to their screwed up version of reality...

Anonymous said...

The right-wing hacks were attacking Clinton for having a sexual liaison and, horrors, staining the image of the presidency, but they are silent when greater crimes are committed by anyone with an "R" attached to his name!

Daedalus said...

Wow. I wasn't aware that the cons were saying such things. I've ignored the Felt coverage because I thought there was way too much of it. Wow. I just don't know what to say, except what the fuck is wrong with this country (excuse the language)? Sex is a crime but crime is sexy?

Now the incredibly frustrating day I've had at work has gone to a new level.