Jul 24, 2013

Climate Change, Obama-Care, and Do We Want to Know the Truth? [Yes, there are ascertainable facts! Surprised?!]

Why do some countries fare better (in any way you want to measure) than others? One reason is the prevailing conditions, like war, poverty, political instability, natural disasters. Another is the choices the citizens make as to their leadership, their priorities, treating of each other, personal views and public sentiment. Of course, leadership matters a lot, but in a democracy isn't the people the ultimate deciders? [this is a topic requiring lots of discussion]

In order to have a reasonable discussion, logic and facts (as much as we can ascertain them) should feature prominently. Of course, we know, this is not always the case--and I may even argue, it's more rare than the reverse.

In the US, politics often is like a sport. People pick teams and consume only one source of information, disregarding anything (even valid) that falls outside their frame of mind--the preconceived f.o.m. That's why we see people still clinging to ideas that have been discredited, or are considered obnoxious, highly prejudicial, ignorant, and outdated. 

Climate change/global warming is happening and has accelerated. The problem is the alerts mostly came from the progressives first. Oh, yeah, and the scientists, who have a liberal bias--the bias the majority of educated people sport. Then we have special interests in certain industries who have been buying politicians and a campaign to doubt/deny global warming.

Here's Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who addresses this topic succinctly. 


Fake Questions to Raise Concern

There's a rumor (who cares who started it) that Mr. Lincoln is beating his wife regularly. That's terrible even by 19th century standards. So, it's good question to ask of Mr. Lincoln whether he's thought about stopping beating his wife, whether he feels remorse, and whether he treat all women in his life similarly.

In similar fashion, I hear that the EPA wants to stop our 4th of July fireworks; it wants to regulate our freedom! Libertarians complain about the government that wastes money on studying the weather on Mars, the sex lives of fruit flies, and monitors volcanoes. Humbhag. 

I also hear that we'll experience something similar to Hitler's invasion when Obama-care goes into effect.  Here's a video--actually it includes segments of the original video that raises some fake questions to alarm people, and a doctor responding to those concerns:

Jul 3, 2013

Here's to You, America (USA): A Couple Anthems to Mark the 4th of July

It may be that the meaning of the 4th of July varies, but it's got to be more than bbqs, or the lifeguards' sad moment that the summer's winding down.

So, as we proudly wave those American flags made in China, we should affirm our blind devotion to the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, USA #1 slogan, and the American dream.  OK, but, in addition a good order of skepticism is necessary.

The founders weren't perfect nor did they know everything. The US Constitution has 27 Amendments in efforts to improve it. The Declaration of Independence is an interesting document, whose couple beginning paragraphs are lofty, brilliant, and lay down the principles of a good polity--constitutional, democracy, republic, human rights for all, and individual liberty/choice. The rest of it is a laundry list of the crown's abuses against British citizens.

Since the early 1770s, [July 4th is the signing of the Declaration; the war of independence had already started], there's been a struggle for a better society of free people, for responsible and responsive government. Establishing a new country perhaps was the easiest task. Shaping it proved to be much harder. The process is going on. Hopefully we'll continue on a progressive path. 

Even in my life time, there have been tremendous changes. What I thought was appropriate it was considered radical 30 years ago. Today it's mainstream. Progressives have better imagination I reckon. It's worth-while for all of us to be alert and engaged in the political process--that's how things get done. 

Enjoy the 4th, the summer, indeed the whole life. And, isn't this the whole point? To make life better for as many people as possible so they can have access to opportunity to fulfill the own potential?

Here's to you America: (my favorite anthem)