Oct 30, 2004

Happy Halloween. It's Really Scary!

The Ghouls Have Had Their Run.
Everyone wants to be safe, but the question is to what extend should we go giving the government powers to keep us safe? Anything it needs, you say? Think again. Suppose someone just told you that the government has a plan to keep you absolutely safe. Would you readily accept this?

It can put you in jail and keep you there for as long as it deems necessary, you can't contact anyone, and once you give your government this power, with no jucidical review by the way, then we are not talking about our beloved America--the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Do you think this is not happening here? You're wrong then. Which brings us to another important issue being decided in this election: safeguarding our civil liberties! The authors of the Patriot Act want to increase its power in order to keep us safe. Of course, safety with a price of an unfree society is not worth it, not to any liberal, any person who believes that this life is a journey of examination, with responsibility but with freedom to pursue his own happiness.

Check this article by Dan Kennedy http://www.bostonphoenix.com/boston/-news_features/dont_quote_me/-multi-page/documents/04224668.asp on how the Bush administration has presided over the implementation of the Patriot act and an unprecedented rise in government secrecy and a severe attack on our civil liberties. It is scary indeed. Even if think that you haven't been affected, think again. And, when they come for you, who's is going to defend your rights, especially when the FBI tells you that you cannot tell anyone about their visit upon you?

Let's make sure they only have a few months of sitting duck time left. Get out, vote, and give those ghouls their proper "treat".

Oct 27, 2004

"It's The Incompetence, Stupid" Al Franken (I hope He's Right)

Hiring A Competent President In These Difficult Times Is A Must

I can't help but ask, why. Why so many Americans support a president whose incompetence is undeniable. He has fumbled the ball on so many occasions and in repeated fashion. The economy, jobs, foreign policy, the environment, the war in Iraq, on terrorism, just to name a few items.

Foreign policy? Forget it! This guy has divided our friends and united our enemies. Didn't know much about the rest of the world, and hadn't even been outside the country prior to becoming president. Iraq? The war may be controversial, but there is an agreement in the intelligence/military community that this war has been a disaster. Bush lied, people died! It's that simple.

Incompetence still rules in the White House, where the president, by his own admission, doesn't read the news, is not interested in anything long or complicated. Those who have his ear are instructed to make it as simple (simplistic?) as possible. At least his father was much smarter when he started the first campaign against Iraq. He got the active support of the international community which even paid for most of the costs of that war. Bush W. using Clinton's military machine won an easy battle against Saddam's forces, but Rummie, Wolf, Condi, Dick, and Dabya had no plan on how to win the peace!

It frustrates me to hear that so many Americans think Bush is strong on national defense and national security. Excuse me, but despite numerous and serious warning about "Bin Laden intent on striking in the US... using high-jacked airplanes" the White House did not think this rose to the level of a high-rank intelligence meeting and a course of action. Bush was caught like "a deer in the headlights" on September 11th, when he sat in the classroom for seven long minutes being read "My Pet Goat."

A small-minded, rather parochial politician suddenly became the leader around whom Americans and the whole world coalesced. Bush had at his disposal an immense capital of good will, sympathy, and support from all the good people on this planet who felt our pain, wanted us to punish the those responsible for such a horror. Promptly, Bush wasted such a precious commodity by showing the worst traits of an arrogant superpower. Want to be a world leader? Can't do it by using the long stick policy.

Such a person is dangerous, especially because he's got so much power available to him. His stubbornness, his fanaticism, and his misguided ultra-fundamentalist religious conviction is not suited for our American democracy, our vision for a brighter future, and a freer society. Why should we re-hire someone with a proven track of incompetence?

People in the real world lose their jobs for a lot less serious mistakes. Bush has the audacity to ask us for another term as the CEO of the United States? Come on, let's be serious here. If this administration isn't incompetent, then I don't know what is. No sir, you don't get to do it again. YOU'RE FIRED!

Oct 24, 2004

The Progressive Forces Will Win! (Hopefully)

A few days before this extremely critical election, amidst the conflicting polls, the conflicted people, and the media's infatuation with the "horse-race" aspect--but not with the substance of the issues--I've seen the light! No, God doesn't speak to me as He apparently speaks (with conflicting remarks) to Bush, Pat, Jerry, and all the lucky ones with a direct connection. I'm a mere human, who is looking at the numbers and examines the electoral trends. I do understand that there's a big segment of the population that is socially conservative and politically vote for the GOP, but this election will judge our ..judgment as a country. With all the incompetence of this administration and the wrong choices, I can't see why the majority of Americans will continue to support a government that doesn't deserve it.

And, there will be no excuses if we give the keys to the White House, again, because our country is not at peace with prosperity as president Clinton left it for us. We will own the future failings of another Bush presidency. This man and his cohorts are not to be trusted! I fear that more and greater disasters will follow if he gets a second term. He's pompous and ignorant and will harm America's interests without being restrained by another election or Congress (controlled by the Repubs). But, this won't happen, as Kerry will win.

I'm planning to have a short election night on Tuesday, November 2nd, and start the party early. Results will show Kerry winning big, anywhere from 294 to 311 and upwards in the electoral vote count. Needless to say, I believe that Bush will be RE-DEFEATED again in 2004, but by such a margin that Scalia and the Supremes won't be able to help him steal this election again. Is this wishful thinking? It is to some extend, because there's going to be a close call. Hopefully all the votes will be counted accurately and we won't have a repeat of 2004.

As for the road ahead, it's promising, that is, if we remain vigilant and don't go back to our villages after the election. The new Kerry administration will need our support, because I see another war (like the relentless and stupid attacks on Clinton) from the cons and neo-cons. Conspiracy theorists get ready! We, in the reality-based community, must also make sure that Kerry keeps his promises and advances the progressive politics. The United States must move FORWARD! The GOP will have enough power in the Congress to cause lots of problems.

I'm in Ohio to pound the pavement and ..whatever else comes between us and winning that state. VOTE, goddamit! It'll come down to this state, so there's not much time to waste or be complacent.

Oct 22, 2004

Parallel Universes Right In This Country

To follow up on a recent post about voters confusing the issues and the candidates, I came upon a new study today done by the University of Maryland, which study basically says that a great number of Bush supporters live in a different universe. They're so out of touch with reality that's not even funny.

In line with their great leader's articulated positions, they believe, for example, that Saddam had "nukelar" weapons, was involved in attacking the US on 9-11-01 and was linked to Al-Queda, and that most of the world [yeah, that world outside the US] is in favor of our war in Iraq.

Kerry supporters, on the other hand, don't hold these views. We liberals are much more informed, have a greater world view, and live in a reality-based world.

Next post will be on the subject of God's involvement in our politics and his regular conversations with Pat Robertson and Dabya--the only problem is that we have to take their word on what he has told them. There seems to be some confusion as to who said what, but as soon as I clear this out I'll keep you posted.

Oct 20, 2004

The Future Of Our Democracy Depends On Us!

Hope Is On The Way! As the presidential race is drawing to a close, it is our hope that a new era of American progressive politics will emerge. The short and failed experiment of George W. Bush's neo-conservatism will hopefully be defeated along with him on November 2nd, 2004. The work will not be over after the election, by no means. We should remain active, vocal, interested in the social discourse, and push our America towards modernity. Let's bring back civility in our political arena, create an environment of more tolerance, support science, provide our citizens with free education and universal health care, and be a true leader in the world community. A leader who's has the moral authority, the ability to forge alliances, be a progressive catalyst in the rest of the world, and become a leader whose qualities are envied not despised.

We cannot allow the Bush administration to continue its destructive foreign policy. The president acts in our name. We cannot afford the neo-conservatives and the belligerent hawks in the White House to divide our friends and unite our enemies!

We should also look beyond the smoke screens and the cheap tricks of the flag-waving pillagers of our national treasures. Most of us are true patriots who will sacrifice for our country, so we should chase out of power those who wear the American flag on their lapels, but at the same time transfer our wealth to big corporations and burden us and our children with huge debts. A strong leader, by the way, is not one who owes trillions of dollars to foreign agents. We support our troops, but the troops belong to all of America. Our blood cannot be shed without an imperative national cause. Those of us who have read history know that many empires died because of their arrogance. Hopefully, we can do better, because we have a democracy with choices presented to us, and no election in recent history has presented us with such clear choices--one, to move forward toward modernity, the other toward a microscopic world view.

Yet, choices are meaningless if not exercised. But with rights comes responsibility! In ancient Athens, all the citizens participated in the common affairs of the polis. A politis was an active citizen. The idiotes (the root of the word "idiot") were ridiculed as those persons who only cared about their private affairs.

If you are an informed and engaged citizen, it is your privilege and duty to vote in this and all future elections. If you're not, then you should think whether your apathy has made things better or worse for you, or simply it hasn't made any difference at all. If you decided that it doesn't really matter, then please don't cast your vote and let the rest of us decide. You won't hear this argument in many a places, but we are here to prod, criticize, chastise, motivate, inform, and learn along the way.

We hope you join us in this journey. Let's broaden our horizons.

Best regards,


Oct 18, 2004

Vote For Bush You Have No Choice

I know this isn't exactly news, but in light of the Florida electoral experience I thought you might want to vote in Florida, electronically anyway. Click on this link http://wearabledissent.com/101-/floridaballot.html and exercise your vote.

Oh, don't worry, the people who have set up the machines re-assured the public that there won't be any problems--like there never have been any problems with computers. It is always a "human error". Therefore, no need for a paper trail. We don't need no receipt. Funny thing, during an actual election were 300 people voted using those computerized ballots (with no paper receipt of votes cast), some 50 people decided to go into the voting booth but decided not to vote! At least, that was the explanation given by the "experts"! Anyone wants to buy a bridge?

Oct 17, 2004

Check Out Their Military Records

For all their fanfare about being uber-patriots, most of the Republicans in public office have not served in the US armed forces! In comparison, more Democrats have served, many with distinction, and many volunteered to go to a combat zone.

Check this post http://www.electoral-vote.com/info/military-service.html and draw your own conclusion.

It's sickening to hear those people who have not been in the military accusing those who risked their lives for America as being "soft on national defense" and even unpatriotic!

I admire John Kerry's courage, and honor. Not only because he served with distinction, but because having done that, he had the guts to stand up and protest against the failing policy of the US administration.

Dissent is important and necessary in the democratic process. A patriot is one who cares about the policies of his government. Having seen the horrors of the war, and the failing military intervention in Vietnam, the young Kerry sought to save lives by helping to end the war sooner than later.

The country-club Republicans and all the other privileged members of the power elite can talk freely about sacrifices as long as they don't have to make any. Sadly, this is not something new. Unfortunately, too many Americans have failed to see the hypocrisy.

Voters Confuse Issues And Candidates

OK, I wouldn't expect the average Joe/Jane to know all the details about the candidates' stance on issues, but, come on, if this latest study/poll done by the Middle Tennessee State University http://www.mtsusurveygroup.org/mtpoll-/f2004/MTSUPoll_Election_Report.htm is accurate, then I think it's a waste of time to try to inform these people. Read the whole report. You'll be amazed!

I suppose these are the ones who can't make up their minds, don't see big differences between Bush and Kerry, and can go back and forth depending on impressions--yeah, this guy looked better on TV!

In this poll, people were asked about the positions of the two candidates on important issues central to the campaign, like taxing the rich and school vouchers. It's a shame that people will vote for Bush because they believe that he'll tax the rich (we won't), or vote for Kerry because they want vouchers for religious schools (he isn't in favor of).

I suspect that similar results would ensue in other states too. I don't mind if people exercise their preferences, but, please, know what you're voting for!