Mar 11, 2005

We're Losing a Great Friend in the Senate: Sarbanes to Retire

Senator Paul Spyros Sarbanes (D-MD) won't seek a 6th term and will retire next year. This is a sad day for us because we're losing a true liberal and a people's representative of the utmost integrity in the highest elective offices of the nation.
"It was not my ambition to stay there until they carried me out,'' he said plainly and added that his decision to retire wasn't due to health reasons, though he acknowledged that his age, 72, was a factor. Paul has been a reliable liberal voice and an activist on economic and social issues. Just last week, he was one of only a dozen Democrats in the Senate to vote against a bill that would make it harder for ordinary Americans to go through bankruptcy.
I've met Paul several times, had the chance to talk to him, and I can say, without reservation, that this fellow Greek American impressed me--and I'm not easily impressed by politicians, stars or other people of dubious fame. Sarbanes has led by example. He is a true intellectual and a great public servant. The man deserves a break, especially because he's been one of the most hardworking elected officials, but his ethos, I'm sure, will keep him engaged as a contributor to liberal causes and to the public discourse. We'll be watching you Paul.


Anonymous said...

Darn. One of our most reliable allies.... Damn it, damn it! The Democratic party is losing part of its backbone.

Nick Z.

Anonymous said...

I've met Paul on several occasions. He has impressed me with his intellect and honesty.
He'll be missed in the Senate, but hopefully he'll be around for a while longer. Now, this is a politician that the country needs--even if you disagreed with his liberal views, his integrity and sense of public service permeated throughout his long career in Washington.
James Fowler, MD

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see him go, but Maryland is very Democratic so hopefully another, younger, Democrat can be elected to the US Senate next year.
I only hope that that person is just as smart, honest and liberal as Paul Sarbanes.