Jul 3, 2005

They Declared Independence & Forged a Nation. What's Our Duty?

The Declaration of Independence gave birth to our country, but it was one of the many important steps that made us who we are today. In addition to taking the time to watch the 4th of July fireworks and enjoy other leisure activities, we should take time to reminisce about out nation's history. Pick up a book, take a few moments to think what the United States means to you, discuss your views with your friends and family, and make a pledge to help your country by being informed and engaged. When Benjamin Franklin was asked by a passerby in the streets of Philadelphia 229 years ago what the founding fathers were doing, he replied, "we made a country, now it's up to you to keep it!"


Anonymous said...

That's for sure. We need to know a lot more about our past. Those who don't know their history run the danger of repeating past mistakes.

Ron, CT

Anonymous said...

I think our schools should be doing more about teaching our history especially its dark legacies. Being sensitive about issues such as slavery, segregation, treatment of the native Americans, struggle for civil rights, etc. doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about them. Thanks Andros for always remind us that being a good American patriot means more than a day or two off.
Alicia, NYC

Anonymous said...

What American activities are you going to be doing this extended weekend? I'm decompressing... turning off my cell, reading no news, watching no tv.....

But, I do agree with you that we should be informed and engaged. I think I am, therefore I do!