Aug 30, 2005

Eventually Sex Would Be Used to Fill Gaps in Evolution!

Education Can Provide The Key To Success & Understanding
If most people believe in something, does it make it a fact? I mean, yes, the belief is very real, but does it represent the truth? Another question is how do people believe things, and, most importantly, how open are people to revising their beliefs. Unfortunately, many persons often pick a set of beliefs once and for all, without allowing for the possibility of of further inquiry and amendment. It's like picking a sports team, mostly on emotional grounds.

I think a lot has to do with how people perceive things, how they process information, and whether they lead an examined life. Education can hone an individual's critical skills. A person's personality make-up obviously affects his politics. When we have to order a pizza, there is a great probability that we are going to disagree about the toppings. So, politics is the tool we have to reach a compromise, make a decision and get the pizza delivered. And, while at it, politics determines how big of a slice a person gets. In a democracy, majority rules. It can be argued that, collectively, we get what we deserve. In this light, politics does make a big difference and it depends on the quality of the people involved in the process.

Now, if many members of our group believe that pizza is the creation of the fat-inducing devil who's hell bent on making Americans obese, then pizza can be banned. Darn, I love pizza so I hope this never happens! But, seriously, let's assume that most Americans believed in creationism, as they do, should it be taught in the schools as science? How about a flat-earth theory? Or, that human sacrifice to the Sun god is necessary. Or, that the
story of Christmas is true (despite the fact that it was Washington Irwing's influence that Americans adopted this holiday in the ..18th century). Studying history is good for it adds to our understanding of our past and of the human condition through the ages, and take the attacks on science as an attempt to dumb down our society. I think there is something wrong here when more Americans believe in Satan's existence (68%) than in evolution (28%)!

Our leaders, including the president--who holds the biggest megaphone--should be more careful when they attack science. Many of them are still alive today because of science. When president Bush endorsed the pseudo-scientific theory of ID and said that ID is a "credible alternative theory" he either professes ignorance or plays a bad political game. Perhaps his "jury is still out" but science's jury was "in" even before Bush was born.

Surely, there are gaps in our knowledge; who can seriously suggest that we know all there is to know? The quest for new discoveries is exhilarating just as much as actually finding something that enriches our existence. Yet, we cannot fill in those gaps with "alternative theories" that have no basis in reality and they cannot be put to the test. Or, can we? Take for example the theory of evolution and the attacks against science from a sizeable chunks of Americans--who have no doubt that revealed knowledge is superior to acquired knowledge. OK, you want alternative theories to explain something biologists haven't figured out yet? Let's talk about sex and orgasm--the latter being uniquely a human trait. You see, biologists can explain the use for the male orgasm, but there isn't a consensus about the use of the female orgasm. Since the Bible doesn't explain this phenomenon, we could seek alternative theories to fill in the gap. I could suggest that God is a ..female, so she gave the gift of pleasure to women! Does this fit the concept of intelligent design (ID)? If school boards want alternative theories to biology, I'm sure we can supply them with lots. Besides, these theories, like ID, don't have to be exposed to the rigors of the scientific method, though I imagine researching orgasm might be need further exploration, in the name of science of course.

Evolutionists argue that life developed through natural selection over billions of years. Yet, they cannot explain for sure why homosexuals exist today, since homosexuals don't procreate. Is God, in addition to being female, is a homosexual too? [If I don't show up tomorrow, you'll know that I was stricken by Zeus's thunderbolts] If you care to read more about an interesting examination of the female orgasm, read Elizabeth Lloy'ds book, The Case For The Female Orgasm.

Education is not just about committing facts to memory, but it should be the key to opening one's mind. It can serve as a tool of understanding the world around us, the past and the future. Why place artificial limits to our mind and our intelligence? From the origins of Earth and ours, to the glimpses of the universe, we have a lot more to learn. Keep searching and keep supporting education.


Geeshus said...

Education is also the only means via which many people can possibly rise and improve their lot, because they don't have any other means, ie. money, connections, etc.

Anne, NY said...

Human psyche is abysmal... People believe in stuff because it feels good, not because of reason. It's ok on some occasions, like picking a team or making a rather unimportant decision, but many major decisions and life choices are being made based on myths, superstitions, and wishful thinking.

Alanis said...

Attacking science and promoting ID is a political/religious agenda camouflaged as a credible alternative to science! But, science is only one, which includes the scientific method and inquiry.

But, too many people don't really want to know stuff.... it upsets them. The world, to them, is more stable, less threatening by believing in myths & superstitions. "You can't handle the truth" Jack told us in the movie... it's true though in real life.... for some people if the truth is not what they'd like it to be, they ignore it!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your passion for education, but don't you think education should include different points of view?

Andros said...

Of course it should, but the different ideas must be presented in the proper context. You can teach everything for what it is, not one for something that isn't. We are the products of biological, intellectual, and cultural diversity. Our ability to reason is great, but also our ability to utmost stupidity is legendary too. I advocate an education where the student is exposed to as many ideas as possible. But the aim should be providing tools to reason, further knowledge, and not indoctrination.

Obviously a person ultimately has to make up his own mind and decisions. Choosing wisely is a skill. Reasoning is a skill too. Education can sharpen those skills. I think, despite the occasional "evil genious" most educated people are better off for themselves and as contributors to the society at large.

Anderson, NY said...

Majority is not always right. Throughout the ages, people believed all sorts of crazy things.... come to think of it, they still do--just look around the world today.

Anyway, you said it earlier, "how do we know things?" We should always keep asking this question everytime someone proposes something while offering little or no supporting evidence.
Great post.

CARL SAGAN said...

Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of confusion requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication, and courage. But if we don't practice these tough habits of thought, we cannot hope to solve the truly serious problems that face us---and we risk becoming a nation of suckers, up for grabs by the next charlatan who comes along.

Simpleton said...

Like Shrub says, "it's hard work"..thinking that is, so many people don't do it! It's that simple

Daedalus said...

The Bible(TM) says it, I believe it, that settles it!

I can see why so many people don't "believe in" evolution- they haven't quite evolved past monkeys, intellectually, that is.

Sigh... at least the people of Iraq live in a free democracy and we're safe from those WMDs!

Anonymous said...

So, the question is how we come to believe things? Obviously many people are not really interested in the truth.... if there is some "alternative theory" they like better!