Jul 15, 2006

Isn't it Time for Another Monkey Trial? And, Is Hot Air Good or Bad? What's Your Gut Reaction?

Will Global Warming Lead to Nakedness?

There is a lot of hot air around lately. Scientists tell us that 2006 (first half) has probably been the warmest ever for the US, and that global temps have been rising in the last decade; but what do they really know? The expression, boy it's hot as hell today, uttered by people a couple thousand years ago doesn't really tell us how hot it was or whether their definition of hell was the same as ours today! OK, maybe global temps were precipitously rising when Jesus was walking this Earth. Maybe that's why he talked about Rapture [that's the end of the world for those who don't know] occurring within the life time of his followers! If Jesus was wrong on this, the scientists can be wrong about everything! Our planet [or maybe it's not a planet after all but the center of the universe instead!] has gone through cycles before and all has pretty much adjusted fine.

Much of North America once was covered in miles-high ice sheets. Since the glaciers retreated, we've had more land to use and drill into for more oil! Thank goodness Gore didn't get elected so he could reverse global warming, because the glaciers might be attacking Detroit and upper Maine by now! Today, with some coordinated effort, we may cancel winter in the Northeast altogether! This will save us money in heating bills and the occasional trip to warmer states in the winter or for "spring break"!

Isn't science overrated? Look how many bad things it has brought us--like, weapons of mass destruction, dangerous & disturbing knowledge of all sorts, porn easily accessible via the internets, and has kept Jerry Fallwell alive. I say, let's knock some sense into the know-it-all smartasses and knock them down from their pedestal. While at it, we may want to knock down the Church of Scientology for good measure! What kind of self-respecting church can adopt science with the latter's emphasis on reason, inquiry, revision, and relativism? The so-called Christian Science Monitor recently put the hot air theory into perspective for us; to show us that ..girly men have found a way to appear tough, "Combating the climate gives nonhawks a chance to look tough. They can flex their muscle for Mother Nature, take a preemptive strike at an SUV. Forget the Patriot Act, it's Kyoto that'll save you." That's global warbling explained! Nice!

Americans seem to agree with me on how to treat science. Most don't accept the theory of evolution--allegedly one of the best tested and fact-supported scientific theories. Reason can get you only this far, but it also takes time and energy to think and ponder; in this hectic lifestyle imposed on us by modernity who's got the luxury to reflect? This July, 81 years ago, the "Monkey Trial" took place; but who remembers that some biology teacher attempted to illegally teach evolution in the classroom and the consequences of that trial? Perhaps it's time to have another debate/trial to refresh our collective memory and settle why the Intelligent Design Theory or Creationism should be taught in school as credible alternatives to evolution. This time, however, we should conduct this debate/trial in the court of public opinion, since it seems that the Scopes (1925,TN) and Dover (2005, PA) court room trials brought verdicts against the public sentiment! Horrors! Many Americans will not accept theories science wants to shove down their throats. No siree!

Thank God, President Bush will use his first-ever veto against a Congressional bill to fund and support stem cell research. Why can't we measure the greatness of our nation by the size of our gut? Specifically, I mean, what comes out of our gut, that is, our gut reaction! It has served us well in the past. Right? Dubya is an expert on leading the way with his gut: his sense of what's right & wrong! He makes public policy based on this gut feeling. He makes friends and nominates people to the Supreme Court only after he looks into their eyes and follows his heart! What else can you ask of him? As long as there are some people who don't believe human activities contribute to global warming, then there will always be two sides to the story! That's a fair & balanced approach!

Isn't about time we pull ourselves together and become one nation, indivisible under God. No more whining, no more silly divisions and unpatriotic arguments. We are very special people that's why others want to harm us and take what we have. Simply put, you're either with us or against us. Period! And, don't try to confuse us with "the facts"... Your theories are not better than ours! This museum promotes a theory that has gaps, or "missing links," whereas this museum gives the definitive answers many Americans need. Which one is better? What's your gut reaction? Heh?

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