Aug 1, 2006

Lieberman to the Dems: Vote For Me or I'll Run Against Your Choice!

Is the Enabler of "the Decider" an Evil-doer too?
If you are not from around here, you probably never heard of the in-fighting among the Dems in Connecticut. The situation is getting hotter as the primary of August 8th nears, with the sitting Senator Joe Lieberman (remember him as Gore’s VP choice in 2000?) facing the newcomer Ned Lamont. The Democratic establishment (you know, the DC regulars) is pulling for the incumbent senator. Even Bill Clinton came out to campaign for Joe! The funny thing is that the party is more committed to Lieberman than he is to the party!

In other words, he won’t respect the decision of his party, so he’s already collecting signatures to run as an Independent if the Dems pick Lamont as their choice! Under “normal” circumstances this wouldn’t happen, but Joe is more popular with Repubs in CT than Dems! Yeah, that’s right! Lowell Weicker was the Repub Senator from CT when Lieberman defeated him in 1988 by running to the ..right of him! Many Repubs voted for the latter because the former was too ..liberal!

Actually I don’t remember of another candidate that has had so many endorsements ranging from William F Buckley (helped him in 1988 against Weicker) to Bill Clinton, and Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Boxer (the biggest disappointment for me). The Cons have come out for Joe in greater numbers. They need the political cover he provides. Limbaugh, Hannity and others have endorsed him! Even the androgynous Ann Coulter fancies Joe! The President gives him hugs and kisses! In return, Joe kisses the Cons asses! Now, should we “convict” Joe as guilty by association? Of course we should!

Oh, and yes, it is about the direction of our country as well. Our current political leadership in DC has been turning the country backwards—I won’t list here the many serious transgressions against our country since Bush was appointed president in 2000—but, to me, every little step towards progress is important. Gradualism may alienate many people but sometimes that’s how a country moves. Lieberman may be appropriate for a very conservative state like Nebraska—that’s why I understand Democrat Ben Nelson being red over there—but Connecticut needs to be represented by a more progressive senator, and, fortunately, we do have this choice today in Ned Lamont!

Gosh, I’d even support a “liberal” like Lowell Weicker [who, as an Independent, became CT’s governor] before I’d vote for Joe! At least the former had the integrity to stand up to the Nixonian abuses and was not an enabler of really bad policy like Joe. One more thing about being a “moderate” a “centrist”: sometimes when the country is at the edge of a precipice and someone suggests to take two steps forward, the person who says let’s compromise and take just one step is equally wrong. It's no surprise the progressive community has by and large endorsed Lamont. Actually the netroots and grassroots efforts have been making a huge difference in the race. The latest poll puts Lamont ahead!

Joe has been wrong on Iraq, but, worse, he has attacked those who dared to question the President! No sir, it is our patriotic duty to question our leaders and try to prevent them from making grave mistakes. Supporting incompetence is not very smart Joe! In addition, it makes us stronger not weaker to be alert and engaged in the affairs of our nation! Besides, who can really argue that our country is safer or stronger today after following BushCo’s policies?

His fate sealed with a kiss?

We are not (as yet) a country of the Big Brother! And, Mr. Lieberman has helped them in attacking our Lady Liberty. He added a couple links to the chain they’re forging! Perhaps Joe confuses the terms fundamentalism and fundamental rights. I am very concerned when someone, especially someone with power, tell us that this country’s laws are based on a particular theology and God’s laws my Zeus’s laws?] are supreme! No, we are not a theocracy, and the founders were very careful to explicitly say so and put this into the US Constitution! Enabling the neocons, the theocrats, the Scalitos, and the lunatic fringe is not a good thing! So Joe has to exit after 18 years in the US Senate and in various political offices since 1970.

Joe’s message to the Democrats in CT is, “vote for me.. but if you do not select me, I will run against your choice!” Joe, when you told the women in CT they may be refused info/treatment by a hospital on "moral grounds"...because there's another hospital within ..walking distance, you too should take a walk now. That's the treatment the Dems in CT should give you on August the 8th! It's a matter of principles and morals too. Why, don't we have this choice?

Editor's note: E.J. Dionne has a most excellent take on Lieberman in the 8/1/06 Washington Post [free registration required].

Now, if you want to volunteer for Lieberman, tell his campaign that you're a Republican so they can pay for your food & lodging! (No kidding!). But, if you want to be part the last push to send Ned Lamont to the US Senate, click here.