Oct 21, 2006

Help End This War: The Republican War on Science

I'm willing to bet that most of you who read this blog would not have been able to do so if it weren't because of science. Yes, advances in technology have made this activity possible, you know, like electricity, technology, and ..leisure time. Yet, most importantly, science has extended life and enhanced its quality considerably. Not so long ago, 40 was "old age" and many people died long before that for a variety of causes, primarily from diseases and because we were unable to treat what today we consider minor injuries.

The ones who believe in nonsense and are anti-science have been around for ever--but they should be the lunatic fringe. Unfortunately, the lunatic fringe is nor marginal anymore as it has captured power--and the Republican Party have been a conduit. I think it's rather emabarassing that we have so many ignoramuses in our 21st century America. If for nothing else, we cannot afford to elect anyone to any considerable position of power that doesn't believe in the scientific method & inquiry. Being ignorant is one thing if your actions don't have much effect, but applied ignorance is deadly! There's so much at stake when it comes to moving our country forward by making wise decisions that affect our commonwealth and, being a superpower, the whole world. Progress is good; we owe it to ourselves and the future generations. The say politics is local but that's not always the case.

Watch this video and vote to end one war--the Republican war on science. We can't elect anyone who has enabled or will enable "the decider." The ignoramus-in-chief, in his 6 years in office, used his veto power only once: to stop stem cell research! Republicans like him are bad for our health!

We have to win this war. By the way, we liberals realize that not every war should be fought with bullets and intimidating force but with ideas and by doing good!