May 4, 2007

The Republican Presidential Candidates Reaffirm their Intolerance, Ignorance, and Bad Plans for America

Updated, 5/7 (below)

I watched the Republican "debate" and I thought that Ronald Reagan won it quite handily! Everybody wants to be like Ronnie, but all ten candidates sounded very dangerous. But, what are you going to do when the crowd you're appealing to is in the Dark Ages? When 66% of GOP voters believe that victory in Iraq is still possible!

Seriously. It's not only the fault of the leaders, but the people too. How can you argue for exploring beyond the horizon when the people believe the Earth is flat? Of course, it doesn't excuse the ignorance and the failure to enlighten the people, but if you want to survive and be a leader in the Conservative circles today, then you have to reflect the public sentiment of that political base.

Would you expect that in the 21st century America (an advanced country) we'd be debating evolution v. creation or ID?! Thus, these stars of conservatism are against evolution--against the validity of one of the strongest scientific theories we've got. They're for teaching ID/creationism [yes, only a particular theistic myth] as science in our public schools; they're against stem-cell research, and anything that has to do with science and rational thinking. Well, they're not all that crazy when it comes to their own well-being, as they do go to the best doctors and get the best medical treatment science has made possible. The rest of Americans, you may ask... Not so fast. Shrink the government and the services most Americans need, and let the marketplace solve all problems, they tell us.

Even though it's sickening to see American politicians peddling to the lowest common denominator, it's important to hear what these people are saying... and get some extra motivation to work a little harder to make sure that none of them is elected.

Update 5/5. In the comments section, I have a link to Keith Olberman's editorial on Rudy Giuliani. Keith's points should be in the playbook of the Democratic nominee in case Giuliani wins the Republican nomination. One more thing; we have to remind ourselves that the conservative base does not think or behave like the progressives, and a large segment of the Democratic base. The conservatives need authoritarian figures to lead them--Giuliani's strength. So, don't assume that because Rudy's prior views (when he was mayor of NYC) on certain issues will prevent him from capturing the nomination. If he scares the conservative primary voters enough, and if he projects himself as a very strong, experienced leader, he may very well win it.

Update 5/7: Follow the money. Mr. Tenet is not talking about the millions of dollars he's made for being a consultant to companies that are profiting from the war in Iraq. He also has a fat salary from Georgetown University. And, he got a $4 million advance from his publisher. Not bad, heh?


emerson said...

I thought Ron Paul (R-TX) was the one that made the most sense. He's a libertarian, but he had the guts to say the Iraq war was a total failure, and the US should not have gone into it.

He's against the national ID, and he criticized Bush quite a bit.

Having said that, I thought none of them should be elected. Most of them should not have been elected to ANY position of power... other than a dogcatcher!

Andros said...

More on the Republicans not believing in evolution:

Crooks and Liers Blog

M D x said...

I know that in both parties the base, or at least those people who care to vote in the primaries are most liberal or conservative than the general election voter.

However, the GOP has many BIG groups that are totally lunatic. So, the Republican candidates have to appeal to this theocratic, antiscientific, very socially conservative base.

Andros said...

Here's Keith Olberman's video on Giuliani. Giuliani's Fearmongering

Kelly said...

I just read the updated post. You're right about the conservatives having a different psychological makeup than the rest. They do respond to authoritarian figures more than the rest of us.

I think the more liberal a person is, the more rational he/she is. In progressive politics it's like herding cats!

Samantha said...

Yeah, but how do you explain Giuliani's lead in national polls showing that he's beating H. Clinton and all the other Dems?

Maybe even "middle America" wants a Czar as president. People don't learn very quickly!!

The evidence was out there (including the Bush appointed 911 Commission) BEFORE the election, but Americans chose to re-elect this worse president ever.

If 66% of GOP voters still believe that victory in Iraq is possible, then this clearly shows something bad about our country. This number is not small.

So, we may get another Republican in 2008 who will tell Americans good stories, be folksy, and project the disciplinarian father figure!

Drew said...

No, I don't think the Republicans will win in 2008. It won't be a walk in the park for the Dems, but I think the Dems will prevai. I also think they'll increase their lead in the Congress.

But, I do share the anxiety and disappointemnt that there are so many Americans who believe falsehoods, are ready to believe nonsense, and give their votes, without much thinking, to a person who can tell them what they want to hear.

Yes, change does take a loooooooooong time.

T. Paine said...

A new poll came out showing that Giuliani beats Obama by a couple points, but trounces Clinton...

obviously it's too early. People repsond to name recognition at this point. Clinton's worse enemy is herself, but she's getting better. Her opponents, fortunately, also have a long history in politics with lots of bagage.

The problem with H.C. may be that she'll let the DC consultants screw this thing up--as the did for Gore, and Kerry. She's hired all the wrong people.

Btw, I don't believe H.C's nomination is assured. I think Edwards will start climbing and may be the anti-Hillary candidate. Obama is still a question mark among many Dems. I think it will come down, again, to electability in the general election.

h c said...

Most Americans and the pundits don't expect Al Gore to run, but I think he may surprise us all and announce. This will totally change the field.

I know many Dems, including me, are holding out, hoping Gore will announce. Yes, he'd be starting late, but he can raise lots of money and he's got name recognition.

Tuli said...

As I watched the GOP debate I was reminded of Wanda Sykes very insightful comments on Katrina during an appearance on Jay Leno in 2005:

Jay: "But President Bush took responsibility."

Wanda: "I don't think the President should have taken responsibility.... I don't blame the President. I blame the American people. Y'all knew the man was slow when you voted him in. You can't blame the blind man for wrecking your car when you're the one who gave him the keys."

Ms. Sykes was channeling my opinion. And though I am an optimist, I have to wonder whether the American people have learned their lesson or are they still willing to give the keys to the car to another blind man.