Sep 8, 2007

Who Buys & Dispenses Crap? [When should we stop listening to those who've been wrong about everything?]

“I have asked Don to join the distinguished group of scholars that will pursue new insights on the direction of thinking that the United States might consider going forward.” Director John Raisian of the Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

Again, it doesn't matter if one's dismal analytical skills, whereas his predictions and implementation of policy are all utter failures. Name recognition, rabid-fan loyalty, and a certain audience's willingness to buy crap & stupidity are more important virtues in our world.

“Rumsfeld will serve on a task force of scholars and experts who will focus on issues pertaining to ‘ideology and terror,’ the conservative think tank announced Friday in a press release.”

Here are some of Rumsfeld's high points... [from Think Progress]

– Compared Iraq war critics to Hitler appeasers and Stalinists
– Called Iraq war critics “quitters” who “blame America first” and “cannot stomach a tough fight
– Claimed insurgent violence increases “in the spring, summer and fall months
– Warned terrorists were carrying out violence because they wanted a change in leadership here in the U.S.
– Said war critics were manipulated by bin Laden’s "media committees"

It irks me that persons like William Kristol still get to peddle their "expertise." He just said that "we're winning the war in Iraq"! Now, he's either delusional, or just saying what people want to hear. Or, that he's a White House shill--just like Judith Miller (formely) of the NY Times. Do you remember when the White House was saying that even the NYT reports support the administration's policy in Iraq? Except that those reports & lies were being fed to Miller by sources in the WH!

So, Kristol may be expressing the intent of the WH to maintain at least 100,000 troops in Iraq until this president leaves office! He expresses the neocon argument that the only way the US can lose in Iraq is by "cut & run"!!!! Ridiculous, simply ridiculous. But, that's the plan today, and the Congressional Dems are not standing up firmly against Bush and cut the funding for the continuation of this failed expedition/occupation in Iraq.

Sure, there's progress in Iraq, some people are telling us. Look, they say, violence is down. Really? Hmm. Upon closer inspection, we found out that the military doesn't count the deaths from violence within the religious sects, or anyone shot in the head, etc!!!! Honestly, I'm not making this up.

Asking the right question
CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer said this morning that one of the lessons we learned from Vietnam “is that we were asking the wrong question” to our generals. “When we have to ask, are we winning? we’re probably losing. Victory is always obvious,” he said.
"Instead of that question, let’s hope the general will be asked what we so often forgot during Vietnam: Is this worth the cost in lives and money?"
I've often made this point in various posts here. When we're told, "stay the course," it doesn't mean we stick with a minor inconvenience. It means that many more deaths at great expense. It's too costly and there's no good end in sight. No matter what we do in Iraq, the killings there will continue--and it's been our fault since we were the ones to take the heavy lid that had kept things relatively quiet. Our ship has run aground, it's taking in water, people are dying, and our captain is delusional. There's no progress forward. Too late for such a thing. And, we're making more enemies than we can kill. As long as we maintain a presence in Iraq, we're an attractive target there, and we help our enemies get stronger. [not to mention the resources we can better use elsewhere & more wisely]

Sen. J. Biden (D-DE) makes some good points on Meet the Press (9/9/07) regarding the situation in Iraq. He preempts Gen. Petraeus who will present a better, but wrong, picture of Iraq in his report tomorrow (9/10). FACT: Every month this year we've had more casualties than the same month last year! Watch the video.