Dec 8, 2007

Some Presidential Candidates Are Anti-American[remember the constitution?] Romney Makes a Convincing Case for Prejudice & Ignorance!

Beware of False Prophets

"It is as if they [non believers] are intent on establishing a new religion in America – the religion of secularism. They're wrong." Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate

Mitt Romney, and whoever else shares his views, cannot appeal to me. Here's why.

Freedom does not need religion. Furthermore, secularism is not a religion--it is freedom of and from religion--and above all, it's a separation of church and state.

The Founding Fathers--wise and politically astute--were not infallible, nor did they think so. Otherwise, they'd have established divine rule (like monarchy) and religious conformity via an official religion. On the contrary, the best thing they did was to give us the Bill of Rights, and the separation of church & state. They explicitly wrote into the constitution that there should be no religious test for public office (article 6, sec. 3).

Here's a sensitive subject: God did not give us liberty--unless by liberty you mean the ability of the human brain to inquire and reason! We, the people, and those individuals who used reason came up with the ideas of liberty. The liberal democracy we have today came out of the Enlightenment! Humans, of course, are capable of
reason and, indeed, they can construct the conditions that allow them to have liberty and progress.

There are thousands of gods with different qualities, priorities, and prescribed dogmas. Obviously, Romney (and the like-minded) talks about the Christian god. But, that god gave us the Bible--either the "original" a couple thousands years ago, or the one that prophet John Smith found in the woods and deciphered with special stones after looking into a hat... [South Park gives the treatment]

So, the Biblical god did not give us ideas about liberty--not as we understand liberty today. He gave us a theocratic state. He said it was OK to have subjugated women in the multitude. Slaves were OK too! There are countless passages in the Old Testament that apostates, and the non-believers deserve to die, including punishing the children for the sins of their parents!

Romney, Huckabee, McCain, and all
those who express their religiosity, who use their religion to tell me that they're better persons; that they are more fit to be leaders because of their religion! Then what choice do I have but to rise and oppose such ridiculous claims.

By all means, let's have an open discussion. I want to know. I want to know why someone, who literally believes in unproven claims, should be the leader of the free world. Mr. Romney, a former pastor of Mormonism, accepted the claims of Mormonism as an adult. Does he deserve our votes today because of this? He had accepted that blacks were "unclean" [as people who had ..facilitated Satan] until 1979 when the Mormon elders got another message from god revising centuries-old prejudice. Has he changed his mind? When? Why?

Mainstream media won't ask such questions, because if you begin to raise doubt, inquiry, and introduce reason into examining religious claims, then you offend the majority of Americans, many of whom don't want to examine their belief systems. After all, where on Earth there's such a revival of born-again Christians but in the US? Where do you find so many humans in an advanced country who believe in the scripture without error, in prophesy, and eschatology?

Watch this video of Bill Moyers Journal, and read this article on Religion & Politics by PRA. While surfing the Net, check Olberman's take on Romney's speech. Keith's my favorite in mainstream media.

It was fitting to see Romney deliver his faith speech at the library of former president G.H.W. Bush. The latter once said that only Christians were patriotic, true Americans! Amidst the misinformation and the myth propagation, there's a good thing about all this! Dubious beliefs and ideas see the light of day; the more people are exposed to them the better. This may lead to compare & contrast--a favorite activity of mine since elementary school. Heck, you may even realize that everyone is an atheist about other people's gods!

Why shouldn't we ask Hitchen's question, can you point to any good act performed by a believer that cannot be performed by non-believer? And, can you point to vile acts done by people because of their religious beliefs?

Anyway, this post isn't about religion per se but about those who use ridiculous claims to sway people by appealing to their emotions while spreading ignorance and prejudice. I find such behavior appalling.

Most what I've read these days is "nuttery"--as former prime minister Tony Blair describes the use of religion to advance a political agenda. But, obviously, the nut cases have some currency. Without an audience they'd be irrelevant. Why would those "reverends" be afforded more credibility, and a media platform, because of their religious title?

In must of western Europe there's a reverse reality when it comes to religious fanatics and matters of the state. Political leaders are judged on their ability to get things done, in the here & now, in the physical world where human lives and the quality of life are at stake. Metaphysical, supernatural and mystical matters are of another realm, not appropriate in the public square. I like this approach better. I mean I prefer to deal with someone who's after my wallet rather than my soul.

to be continued...


Anderson said...

I think it's about time to have a discussion when people want to use their religion to convince us that they deserve our vote.

It's crazy though to spin history to fit your views.

Interesting mention of John Adams by Romney to justify his claim that America is a christian country. He didn't bother to mention the Alien & Sedition Acts... which were not a step in advancing liberty...

Anonymous said...

God did not give us liberty!! Nice.

But, he gave us brains for us to use to establish a religion, a bishops, popes and reverends, and obey without doubt, without deviance, for ever and ever.

Drew said...

ANd, Christ came along, adding to this religion by saying: Take it or leave it. There are only 2 choices. Either you accept everything I say (on faith of course) and enter Heaven where you play the harp and sing. Or, you go to Hell for eternity.

Don't mean to be pushy and rush you, but...

Apostle Bob said...

I'd expect you to say more things about Huckabee.... another nutcase!

Anne said...

Don't leave the Dems out of this. All profess their devotion to the only true and noble religion--christianity! Oh, yeah!

Andros said...

I've been critical of them too. However, there's a huge difference in what kind of government and what kind of people in it we'll have under the Repubs and the Dems.


Dum Dum Dum said...

Man, that South Park skit on Smith and Mormons was hilarious!!!!!!!!

On a greater point though, I agree, it's good that we discuss ridiculous claims and the details of faith....

At least some people might start thinking that religion is not divine but man-made.

Andros said...

I didn't want to include this in the main post, because it might be distracting and lead to false comparisons.

Do you know that much of the KKK's demise was because its secret practices, signals, rituals, strategy, etc, were brought to light?

One such example was an infiltrator who leaked these. The Superman cartoon, every week, would be fighting the Klansmen but with a twist. The producers knew about KKK's secrets and would incorporate them into their script. Hilarious!

Sure, let's examine Mormonism's claims. Same for Scientology. Both are really crazy... Ok, not much more than stuff in the Bibble, but let's start with them.

I've said before, sometimes is best not to argue about the existence of God. I don't think it's a provable proposition anyway. But, indeed, let's argue about His nature. Is he the god of Zeus? Krisna? Thor? Budha? what?

For fun, sometimes I tell people about horrors and their justification without revealing the source. Reasonable people would immediately denounce those horrors. But, if you tell them the source first, they become defensive and clam up.

Again, I more concerned about the state of our public discourse. We can't have an enlightened society with this kind of garbage peddled in the public square and mainstream media.

Yes, it bugs me when I see that incredulous claims have such currency in my country.

doctor said...

The latter once said that only Christians were patriotic, true Americans!


Oh shit!

I hear this all the time in Greece.

Stupidity has no boundaries...