Jun 11, 2008

Obama's Choices for VP Should be about the Future, not the Past or Present

There's lots of "short lists" for Obama's VP choice floating around, but I don't understand why most of those names appear on such lists. [here's one from Huff Post/MSNBC] I think most of this pre-vetting process has more to do with a show and to keep certain people happy (for being considered), than with reality.

Sen. Obama needs to pick someone to complement the ticket, not bring negatives to it. Furthermore, I hope that Obama picks someone who could be presidential material in eight years--an incumbent VP in 2016 who is progressive enough and will solidify the political realignment & progressive direction of the country.

I'm not ready to make any predictions yet; we'll have a much better understanding of the situation after the convention. I'm cautiously optimistic though, and there are several indicators that point to a historic political realignment about to take place. It's even possible that the election won't even be that close. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves right now.

The VP choice would further give Obama a boost, but he should choose someone who can carry the mantle forward not just a party elder to "anchor" the ticket. Clinton and Gore, both in their 40s, did just fine, so a younger age isn't a problem. The most important thing is to get a VP who can have an active & complementary role in the next administration. This election will be about change, and this can begin with two people who have a similar vision of where the United States should be in the near & foreseeable future. Let's not forget that we don't have much (if any) margin for error anymore thanks to the present gang in the White House.

PS. If it's another Senator, he/she cannot be at the expense of losing a Democratic seat in the Senate! Yes, it is very important the Dems get a serious majority in the upper chamber too, hopefully 60. One of the very first things to do after the election is to kick Lieberman (I/R-CT) out of any position of influence.