Aug 21, 2008

Why McCain Must be Defeated: He Wants a Third Bush (NeoCon) Term

I don't want to forget why we can't possibly vote for McCain, unless of course you want to see a Bush third term, including some of the old faces whose policies & attitude inflicted great harm to our country.

That's right, Dickey, Rummy, and Mac, all perfect together! Geesh!

PS> McCain has solidified his conservative Republican base more than Obama has with the Dems right now. Many Hillary Clinton supporters haven't moved over behind the Dem nominee. Are they going to be the new Naderites of 2008? It's really frustrating to talk to those who supported HR Clinton and would now consider voting for McCain or not vote at all! People, there is a HUGE difference between the two sides. So, take clueless Mac with his regressive politics that he'll base on the neocons of the Bush regime. Appalling...


drew said...

When people argue strongly for something, it's hard for them to change their thinking.

I still find people who voted for Nader in 2000 and when I ask them whether president Gore would have followed the same policies as W, they say "yes!"


Andros said...

It's amazing that any Dem or woman (assuming some of the support HRC got was from women who wanted to see one as prez) could vote for Mac.

The Repubs haven't been advocates of women's rights. Even today, this BushCo is still trying to limit access to reproductive choices.

avid said...

Nader has a point when he says, "I was but one choice on the ballot, people could have voted whatever they wanted."

It was the voters that denied victory to Gore in 2000.

Anonymous said...

That and lots of other factors... We all know what went on in FLA and the supreme court's POLITICAL decision.

Even Buchanan admitted that there's no way (unless there was a screw up or stealing) he could have gotten thousands of Jewish votes in Palm Beach county.

Just to name one problem..

ern said...

Freakin unbelievable that Mac would consider Rumsfeld! Did you hear the ass kissing of Cheney. Dickey is the most reviled figure in the Bush regime!