Jan 16, 2009

Bush 43: One of the Worst Presidents in US History Exits

“I will live and lead by these principles: to advance my convictions with civility, to pursue the public interest with courage, to speak for greater justice and compassion, to call for responsibility and try to live it as well.”
G W Bush, inaugural speech, 2001.

Just a few HOURS before one of the worst US presidents leaves office. I don't know if Obama meant it, "no hard feelings," but I think my own feelings of anger, disappointment, and good-riddance, are shared by millions of Americans.

I didn't watch Bush's final address, and only saw some clips from his last press confernce. He either doesn't get it or he wants to maintain his illusions. Here's a great recap by Chris Matthews:

Along with the departure of the decider, I hope we got rid once and for all the following individuals who were appointed by G W Bush and are also responsible for devaluing our country. [the list from Think Progress click for more info and to refresh your memory]

Dick Cheney, Condie Rice, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzalez, Don Rumsfeld, P. Wolfowitz, G. Tenet, M. Brown, D. Addington, J. Yoo, D Faith, P Bremer, J. Bolton, A. Fleisher (and all the other lying spokespersons), L. Libby, Miers, Paulson, Goodling, Norton, Chao, and Collin Powell who didn't have the balls to be honest when it mattered.