Mar 12, 2009

President Obama Lifts the Gag Rule and the Ban on Science

Elections have consequences. President Obama is lifting a ban & a gag rule, but also ending the war on science that Bush and the Republicans have been waging. Scientific reason, method, and integrity will be the norm in the policies of our federal government. Many states are treading backwards, and it is there that the conservatives are making a stand. Well, it might take a couple more elections--and big defeats--for the moderate Republicans to muster enough courage and support and pull the GOP into the 21st century.

Please watch the video, because it shows that the new president "gets it." He understands what science is and realizes that it's to the country's advantage to seek new frontiers, be on the path of progess, and that the scientific way is the way to go forward.


Anonymous said...

Somebody has to appeal to the uneducated (in the broader sense of the word), the ignorant, and the small-minded. That someone is the Republican party.

Tuli said...

Science, smience, too many Americans are more invested in Armageddon than progress.

Andros said...

One is terminal the other is open-ended, so even though nothing lasts for ever, it's good to have a positive outlook. Unless one is a conservative when it comes to conserving the natural beauty, then it makes no sense to me to be a conservative.

But, being a conservative or a progressive is, ultimately, a matter or disposition.

Tuli said...

And your disposition is always optimistic! “God” bless you!