Sep 10, 2009

Obama's Speech to Congress: Late but Good. However, the Democrats' Capitulation Isn't Stopped!

Who knew?!!

I watched the President's speech to Congress and he was good for what he wanted to achieve: talk to the public and dispel some of the misconceptions the conservatives and narrow special interest have created. I don't think he changed anyone's mind in Congress, but at least now we know what he wants to do to reform an ailing health care system, and the public's support is important to push it through.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Obama and the Dem leadership in Congress want to deal with the petulant and obstructionist Republicans. They won't support any plan under consideration. That GOP clown who shouted, "You lie," to the president, along with many other similar jerks in the conservative camp, do represent a political coalition that all wants is for Obama to fail. At any cost, even if it means worsening the conditions for the majority of Americans. The conservative political base is regional; their ideology is fit for another era, and the GOP's only hope is for Obama and the Dems to screw up.... Unfortunately, they're getting what they want--which is amazing to see given the big majorities the Dems have in Congress while also controlling the White House.

I understand that US politics is a strange animal. The political parties are state-based and they tend to represent local public sentiment. There's much less party discipline in Congress than in its equivalent parliaments in other democracies. And, the executive is separate from the legislative branch. Our political system is responsive to public pressure but also to lobbyists who represent big pockets. Information is the key here. There are many Americans who would not change their views no matter what; they assume a point of view and make it like their favorite team--together for ever. The hard-line conservative ideologues despise Obama, as they did Bill Clinton. If Jesus came back wearing jeans, I bet they'd oppose him too!

The Democratic caving didn't stop with Obama's speech the other night. The conservatives oppose any meaningful reform that includes a public option. They want Obama to fail, but since the majority (up to 70%+) of Americans do want a public option, they're trying to find faults--real or imaginary. One such a "fault" is that ..illegal aliens will get health care coverage under Obama's plan. The prez & Dem leaders already had conceded this point.

My goodness, why should we give medical care to those illegals? The audacity of those "people" to expect to be treated as human beings! We only wanted a labor force not human beings. Those bastards drain our national resources. Once I work out the logistics (including costs) of deporting some 12 million aliens, I'll get back to you. By that time, it'll be time for the immigration debate. Meanwhile, we will continue to provide medical care to those illegals and the uninsured via the emergency room instead of selling an affordable plan to them! That's the kind of sense we're all familiar with, right? The same impeccable arguments will surface during the immigration debate soon.

You know, it's my religious (and hence, moral) belief that God has a plan. I believe that all diseases can be cured by prayer.... only if the patient and his family really believe. I guess they don't have a strong enough faith that's why miracles don't happen more often. I'll make sure that my children will not be exposed to the corrupt effects of modern medicine. No vaccines, no drugs whatsoever! Further, as a pharmacist, I will not sell or otherwise provide any birth control methods to anyone. That's my moral stance! Obviously, abortions are wrong under any condition. I'm glad to hear the president saying that his plan will not provide funding for abortions! Hurray! So what if a woman's life depends on having an medically-necessary abortion? No money for that! Are you happy, Republicans? ... ["In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic." Homer Simpson]


Anonymous said...

belief in God has nothing to do with Obama's health care proposals. There are a few idiots who think they know that God wants you to suffer to prove something. That's not the case.

Of course modern medicine is necessary. Even if I don't approve of abortions if a woman's life is in peril and an abortion is necessary, I'd support that. I haven't decided yet if public money should be used for abortions.

Anonymous said...

Polls suggest that Obama connected very well with the public. On the issue of health care reform, he jumped from negative to positive territory.

Also, that Wilson GOPer may lose in his re-election bid next year.