Oct 27, 2009

Leave it to the Republicans to Distort the Meaning of Freedom

I think we need to have a discussion on what freedom is. Freedom doesn't reside in the vacuum of space. It's about meaningful choices and actions. The system we have, the government we elect should make sure that the people have access to opportunity and that the whole thingy we have here is for the benefit of the commonwealth not the elites.

The Republicans say they're concerned about freedom and are afraid of big government. First, they have their priorities wrong. You don't get freedom by eliminating choice or, get this, by allowing predatory practices. Of course, they want to pay lip service to freedom--as to many authoritarian regimes--because freedom means something to many of us. So, Senator McCain introduces the "Internet Freedom Act" to destroy net neutrality and affect the people's access to information or whatever else they desire when they get on the internet.

Access to internet is becoming increasingly important in so many ways, so there should be no speed restrictions. A century ago, the railways (monopolies) tried to do the same--transport certain cargo faster while delaying others--and that was a bad thing and we remedied it through the law. It's like the electric company striking deals with appliance manufacturers so some work better in household. Why should Faux news load faster than the Liberal Citizen blog? If you have the same connection to the internet, you should be the one to decide where to go and that you have the same speed throughout your journey.

I tried, I really did, to find some redeeming features in what policies the conservatives have been pushing, but it's quite appalling. Consumer protection: Against. Environment-friendly: Against. Science: Against. Education: Against. Freedom of conscience: Against. Equal rights under the law: Against. Social safety net: Against. Health care for all: Against. Access to equal opportunity: Against. Civil liberties: Against. Civil Rights:...(you guessed it).

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