Nov 28, 2009

Sarah Palin Should Run for US President in 2012, and 2016

I thought of giving you my review of Sarah's book, Going Rogue, but I opted for this video of her admirers instead.


James said...

Along the same line, "When we lessen the burden of living for those around us we are doing well; when we add to the misery of the world we are not."

George said...

Yes, I think this is an obligation we have to humanity. There's a benefit for the greater good if we help each other instead of adding to the misery.

In practical terms, and in the realm of US politics, I do believe the likes of Sarah Palin will bring much misery to us and the world is she's elected, but I would like to believe that the voters (most of them anyway) wouldn't fall for such a person. We'll see.

I said before that this GOP needs to get a couple big defeats to decide the extremists that are in charge right now should be booted out. We need a modern, sensible Republican party.