Jun 16, 2010

A Few Reminders to President Obama...

Even if the choice between Obama and McCain, including their respective parties, was very clear in the last election, we can't be happy with several actions by the sitting president--who has maintained the failed and even illegal policies of the Bush administration.

Many of us were inspired and greatly motivated by the rhetoric of candidate Obama and the striking differences to the Bush-Cheneys he pronounced. So, what the hell has happened???!!!

All progressives have to keep Obama's feet to the fire. "All the power you didn't like when you didn't have it ... now YOU decided to keep it"..

Respect My Authoritah

As for the election in November, two things can happen. Either the Dems will maintain a narrow majority in the House or it'll go to Republican control. Wasting one year on health care reform and wasting his political capital falls squarely on the president. He took his electoral winnings and gave them to DINOS and the GOP to squander.

He's seen as slow to react in the BP disaster, and the general view is that Obama doesn't have a clear policy. Again, the country prefers leaders who are strong but wrong, to weak/indecisive but right. 

The economy is also a big factor, and it will greatly influence the outcome of the November elections. There are signs of improvement but this has to be "felt" by most Americans. It can't be a jobless recovery or one defined just by a Wall Street rise.