Apr 8, 2011

Do the Republicans Have Any Shame Left? It's a Plutocracy Party and We're Not Invited!

Update, 4/13/11: I've got to hand it to Jon Stewart again. He nails it!

How do these "leaders" still argue for tax breaks to the wealthiest people in this country while cutting essential services--yes, those essential services the common people depend upon. And, yes, those pseudo-moralists want to shut down our government because of issues, like abortion, that have nothing to do with the budget deficit.

Here's the bottom line: corporate profits are sky-high, the middle class keep losing ground, the poor get poorer, the to 1% of the rich control 40% of the wealth, education, health care, and housing costs have risen astronomically compared to wages. Actually wages in NYS have declined, adjusted for inflation, in the last 20 years. But, we have cheaper consumer goods from China, bragging rights against those who die to sneak into our country, and a sense of superiority since only US teams make it into the World Series all the time.

Watch Bernie Sanders's (I-VT) speech. Every citizen should be aware of what he's saying when Republicans talk about deficits, budgets, and the role of government. Maybe they have no shame left, but if the American public doesn't see through their smoke and mirrors and send this regressive party home, then we, collectively, deserve what we get. 

I thought we were smarter than those who don't realize their own exploitation. I thought that at least we knew we were exploited but the American dream was about transcending those handicaps and realizing one's own potential.  Increasingly, this dream is only for those who sleep.