May 7, 2011

We Can't Reap the Benefits of Modernity When Leaders and Sheeple Still Advocate for the Dark Ages

Ever since the Supreme Court (back in 1973) ruled that women have the right to reproductive choice to terminate a pregnancy, the religious conservatives and their political branch--the Republican Party--have tried to pass restrictions to access and any other obstacle short of prohibiting the procedure. The latest assault is the Texas law that requires women to get a sonogram and the doctor to give them a description of the fetus.

But, wait, not in case of rape, incest or fetal abnormality. What's the moral standard here? If the fetus is conceived by rape or incest then it's not worth defending its life? Huh?!  But, that's the absurdity of having religious beliefs--or any other unscientific beliefs--serve as guide for public policy.

Meanwhile in the state of New York, same-sex marriage is about to be approved as the governor and a majority of New Yorkers support this. Chalk one up for equal rights and progressivism. 

We're hitting levels of inequality in this country like the ones during the Great Depression (1930s)! Listen to this NPR radio program about How Inequality Hurts Societies. No advanced liberal democracy is like the US in this inequality measure, while they're ahead of us in longevity, health, happiness, and general quality of life. The pro-lifers and the conservatives here are mostly concerned with anti-scientific notions rather than focusing on the actual life of people between cradle and grave. Just the other day, we're reminded that the US has highest infant mortality rates among advanced societies.

The Congressional Republicans just voted for a budget that would end the Medicare guarantee to senior citizens. But, like that Louisiana gov. Jindal said, there's nothing Americans can't do on their own! OK, I'm going to fetch some leaches (home remedy) from a pond while I'm monitoring an active volcano, and I'm going to go snoop around Indian Point {nuke plant in Westchester, NY} to make sure that it's safe. What the hell do we need the EPA anyway? That agency, by the way, wants to take away our freedom! Yes, siree, our freedom to do whatever we like, including the job-providing big energy industry (like coal-burning plants) to emit all those ..natural substances in the air. 

It's time to move our politics to the realm of reality and discuss what makes a society happier, healthier, freer, and more equitable. But, we can't do this as long as there are leaders and sheeple who advocate for policies fit for the Dark Ages.