Sep 1, 2011

Recognized & Legal Prostitution Activities. You Know them When You See them!

Some Free Advice
Unsolicited advice to president Obama: Do not propose only what you think the GOP will accept. They probably won't accept that either. They want to make you look bad. Don't you get it? They even refused [first time Congress refuses a president's request to speak in its chambers] your request and told you they were busy that day... Speaker Boener and his buddy Kantor are jerks, but they can afford to be, because they win political points by making you look weak, and by sabotaging anything they could get their hands on.

Instead, propose what's right and fight for it. And, bring it to the nation. Show some leadership.

Sarcastic Reminder
Dear (I can't even say this with a straight face) Republicans: Allow the federal tax on gasoline to expire this month. We don't need funds for highways, bridges, etc. Use the money to give more tax breaks, you know to whom...  Oh, and allow the payroll taxes to go up next year. Blame Obama for it, that he raised taxes. He hasn't told anyone that a big chunk  of the stimulus money went into cutting payroll taxes for working Americans.

In the Land Where Extremism isn't Marginalized
Only in America ignorance can be a political asset. Texas governor Perry is anti-science (and of course science-illiterate), but he is pro-prayer! Though God didn't answer his public prayers for a few drops of rain in Texas. Maybe God had left Jesus in charge for the summer and Jesus doesn't like Perry. I assume Jesus favors the poor over the rich, and, thus, he most likely disagrees with the Republican "compassionate" conservatism.

Other GOP prez hopefuls, like Bachmann say that God uses deadly hurricanes, earthquakes and other calamities to send us messages. Shockingly being this crazy isn't a disqualifier in our polity.

Now Romney, and, sadly, Huntsman are getting more ridiculous by the minute. Perry changed the calculations, especially for Romney. In this GOP--you know, the party of crazy--they have to be extremists. So, all are kissing the Tea Party's behind in hopes of saving their campaigns. [As a sidenote, even before Perry announced, I had been saying that it's his nomination to lose. I can see this Repub base going for a Mormon.]

What is the Role of Our Government?
Now that Irene has left a path of destruction, we should talk about the role of government. After all, this is the crux of the dispute between the cons and the progressives. Is there anything the government should be doing before, during, and after a natural catastrophe?

Do we need any regulation in the marketplace? Should ATT buy TMobile? Should we allow the forces of capitalism to create huge monopolies? Is it good or bad? Who benefits and who's hurt? How?

Should we have a Do Not Call Registry and fine intrussive and deceiptful companies?  Ah, here's an example of the "government taking away our freedoms": The other day, a new law went into effect under the consumer protection guise. It hurts the airline industry and levies big fines for some ..minor incidents. Anyway, now if you're cooped up in the cabin, strapped in your seat for more than 4 hours while the airplane is sitting idle, the airline pays a fine.

Here's the deal: progressives say, it's utterly ridiculous to allow an airline to have you hostage for 4 hours, whereas conservative would say, it's too much regulatory power the gov. has!  By the way, airlines now have to disclose all their fees before you get to the airport. Plus, if they overbook the flight and you're bumped off, you get twice the price of the ticket back. Too harsh?

In addition to the US political prostitution, the Germans and their ..socialistic government [yeah, the Conservatives control the gov currently, but nevertheless Germany is a social democracy]. The city of Bonn came up with a new idea to raise revenue. Prostitutes feed the meters while working! I'm not kidding you. Prostitution is leagal there and streetwalkers now have to pay taxes while working. Instead of ..parking a car, they get a receipt for a certain amount of time!