Mar 14, 2012

Genesis 8:22. Is that All We Need to Know? [and that God likes the smell of burning flesh!]

Spring is not officially here but it feels like it already here in the Northeast. We've been trying to cancel ..winter and it just might happen if we try hard enough. So, my thanks to those who act as if "climate change" or "global warming" is a hoax perpetrated by the liberal elite. The latter hate capitalism and wealthy corporations who look after the interests of the people by providing jobs!

Oh, yeah, I found gold at the end of this rainbow
I toot my horn when I see huge cars with their 30 gallon tanks, using fuel that could power a small village to transport one person. If there was any doubt about the kind of people those drivers are, their bumper stickers pronounce their patriotism ("love it or leave it" kind of view) and their religious convictions about anything they believe in. Yeah, tell that to Jesus!

Of course, this is America--more precisely, the USA--and we have candidates for the highest office that don't believe in the separation of church-state, science, intellectualism, education, equality of opportunity, legal equality, but believe all else fit for the Dark Ages. Witch hunt, anyone?

If idiotic pronouncements were an exception, I'd say the loons exist in any political party, normally not be of a major, "mainstream" party. However, such is not the case in the US, and one that defines the gap between the progressives and the conservatives today: the perception of reality. You'd think that most people would prefer reality and would not support the election to high office anyone whose views are so ridiculous, especially when such views impact the conduct and public policy of that public office!

Take for example Senator Inhofe (R-OK), the senior ranking Republican on the ..Environment & Public Works Committee, who says the Bible is all we need to know! In Genesis 8:22, Inhofe says, and the Bible confirms, that God is in charge of the climate and we cannot change it, plus that since the Flood, God promised Noah that he would destroy humanity again. Yes, it's all there for all to see, you doubters. In the same chapter we also learn that God likes the smell of burning flesh! [The Bible notes after Noah sacrifices some animals and burns them to thank God for not downing him.]

Upon further reading, I learned that:
To the woman [God] said, I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you. -Genesis 3:16
I don't like this kind of language and sounds very petty, vindictive, immature, petulant, and sexist. I do love the women in my life, from my mother onward and don't appreciate this kind of attitude.

Even though it's shameful that a Santorum reflects the sentiment of so many Americans, I hope he gets the nomination of this GOP. We need to have this debate about utter religious nuttery and sanity so the GOP and our polity in general could become more modern. Yet, I'm afraid that Obama is not the one to make the clear rational and secular argument a modern state should adopt.

Romney just suffered another defeat in the South and he becomes weaker by losing to such weak candidates. I think he's also losing his "electability"--the "best candidate" in the field against Obama among the conservative base.

I'm going out to play. It's such a wonderful day! Looking forward to warm nights when I can sit outside looking at the magnificent cosmos overhead.

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You are sarcastis in your first couple paragraphs, right?