Jan 17, 2005

A Reminder: The U.S. Constitution Includes The Bill Of Rights!

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Article II Section I of the US Constitution
Is this just a formality? Is it a matter of ability? Is it a matter of will? All of the above? I'd like to believe that Mr. Bush would at least understand the word "faithfully"--though they pick and choose from their religious menu to suit their purposes.
I can't wait for his second term to start! I know, I know most of you loathe this president, but every day counts towards him leaving office for good. Nevertheless, this January 20th is a mourning day for the progressive community.Time to drink liberally perhaps.
Bush has attacked most of the amendments making up the Bill of Rights--yes, those rights are part of our Constitution! His Attorneys General have been undermining the same laws they supposedly swear to uphold.

By the way, have you noticed Bush's democracy being exported to Iraq? Elections are taking place there at the end of January. The polling places, the names of the candidates, and other "details" will be announced on the day of the voting! So what if just a tiny fraction of Iraqis will vote? Well, it's a good thing that at least now they have democracy (Bizarro World's expanded to Iraq). Why, Syria should be introduced to this democracy!
[did I reveal a secret here? He has another 4 years to shape the world! My Pentagon insiders are telling me that Iraq's WMD are probably in Syria now. Another "slam dunk case".. don't you think? Wait, wait, did I hear ..Iran?]


Anonymous said...

I'll be in DC on Thursday and I'll be turning my back to Bush, along with thousands of American patriots who believe Bush is destroying what America stands for.
Bush Wacker, VA

ejpoeta said...

The problem is that I guess the wording is subjective enough that they can twist them to fit their purpose. They go just far enough that people don't pay attention... by the time they go far enough tht people will start paying attention, then it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

Where is the "so help me God" at the end of the oath?
What's next? Are you omitting the "endowed by their creator" in the Declaration of Independence?

Andros said...

I knew that someone might take an issue with the God thingy, so I included a link in my posting showing the original language of the Constitution. The "so help me God" is NOT in there. George Washington and a few others didn't utter the phrase, but most of those taking the presidential oath add this extra phrase. Interestingly,the word "God" is not mentioned in our Constitution.

I am not for censorship, or for altering historical facts to fit my preferences. That would be intellectually dishonest. I'd have liked it though if more Americans knew more about our history and our institutions.
As far as the Declaration of Independence is concerned, I urge you to research what the writer (Jefferson) meant by "the creator". Read his public statements and correspondence with his contemporaries regarding his idea of the laws of science--"The Laws of Nature" and "The Laws of Nature's God" (as quoted in the Declaration). He and most others (notable exception our first president) were "believers," but not necessarily what you'd call "Christians"!

Gothamimage said...

You should include the later part of the sentance- the oath requires him (and all others) to defend the constutution "Against All Enemies, foreign AND Domestic."

Many Domestic enemies of the constitution are his stronges supporters and colleagues.

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