Jan 7, 2005

Welcome To Bizarro World! Sadly, It's Not In The Comics Books

Someone fails miserably, people get hurt, but in G.W. Bush's world, and "in your face" politics, the failures are rewarded. Perhaps, he's following the theory, the bigger the lie and the more it's repeated, the better chance to be believed. Condi Rice, who didn't think AlQaeda was an imminent threat and failed to take seriously the PDB's warning about Bin Laden's determination to strike in the US using airplanes, is promoted to be Secretary of State. The former CIA chief George Tenet, who told the president that Iraq's WMDs was a "slam dunk," (just now a CIA internal investigation found him and others grossly negligent) got the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The other cast includes Rummy, Franks, and Bremer (all of which screwed up in Iraq) got promotions, extensions, and medals too. The fat corporate payoffs are to follow.
Mr. "torture-is-OK" Gonzales is nominated to be our Attorney! He will be "our torturer" (read article by M. Danner in The New York Times) in the eyes of the world. I don't know if you feel safer now, and whether you care about what America stands for, but I think AlQaeda and the terrorists everywhere are winning! They're changing our country with the help of our own elected leaders. If this continues, not even Superman will be able to clean up Bizarro world. At least, our driver is holding the wheel firmly, straight, no deviations. This resolve (stubbornness?) is admired by those who re-elected him. Are we over the cliff yet?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Gonzales is a lap dog, he does what his owner wants. He's also a facilitator. Obviously his allegiance lies with his Republican boss and not with the rule of law, international treaties, or even human decency. He has a deplorable track record.
As a counsel to governor Bush "advised" the latter to proceed with all death penalty cases, as his boss wanted. In one case, where the defense attorney slept through most of the trial and the indigent defendant got the death penalty, Gonzales didn't mention this to Bush in the convict's last appeal to the governor.
Gonzales knew about the torture in Guantanamo base, Cuba, and in Abu Graib jail in Iraq. He did nothing. It was his idea to classify the "enemy combatants" as sub-human, not covered under the Geneva Convention. It's no accident they were sent off to the US base in Cuba (arguing that US courts had no authority there to affirm basic human rights). Wasn't Gonzales who tried to change the definition of torture?!!! (as something that causes an organ to fail or death)!!! So, cutting off fingers, I suppose, it's not torture!!!!!!!
I'm ashamed for my country. Although we are not responsible for these crimes against humanity, America is ruled by thugs, a plutocracy who has a bizare ideology of social darwinism.


Anonymous said...

It shows you that substance is not all that important to the majority of American voters. Such incompetence, ignorance and inability to learn from mistakes has not appeared in this country in modern times. Because Bush appeared more likeable than Kerry, and because he used simple rhetoric about "keeping America safe" he gets to play with power in this rapidly becoming undemocratic/one party-rule country. Slogans rule! The statement, "you break it, you own it", doesn't apply to Bush and his gang. The rest of us will have to pay and pick up the pieces after he's gone.

Dreadfuly yours,
Anita S.

Anonymous said...

The only person who had reservations about the Iraq war and was the "moderate voice" in the Administration, that is, Collin Powell, is leaving. Maybe he has a thorn in the monolithic outlook of this White House. Powell was too big to be fired, and, sadly, he didn't have the courage to stand up more forcefully to the hawks and those who don't know how to wage war successfully. Anyway, all the other junior officers and aides who disagreed and/or pointed out the weaknesses of the "grand plan" were fired! (ie. General Sinseki who publicly said we needed more troops in Iraq to do the job right).

Did anyone point out the difference between lies? Or, it doesn't matter? Personally, I'd take a lying bastard who cheated on his wife, over someone "with values" who lies about the facts and commits America to a bloody war.


Anonymous said...

We need tort reform, but have you thought why Bush might be pushing for a limit on the lawsuits? Haliburton (Cheney's company that's still paying him!) is being sued in a huge class action regarding asbestos removal.... and hundreds of people were hurt.
I agree about trying to limit frivolous lawsuits and the insane lawyer payouts, but what's to prevent a big company from being negligent? The proposed limit of $250,000 may not be enough to stop a company when millions or billions in profits are involved. So what if a few people die from heart attacks or asbestos, when the possible damages are factored in the cost of doing business...
I never thought for a second that Bush cares for the common people. He cares more about his buddies in the elite society and for those who have financed him and his family before he got into politics and ever since he sought elective office.

George B.G.

PS. I also understand that the trial lawyers are against this "reform", but they are not blamless either!They are quick to launch those class action suits only to benefit themselves. Once I was part of such an action (against VISA, MC, etc) and when several hundred million of dollars were awarded, the lawyers got 1/3 of that and we got nothing (since millions of people were involved, not a refund, not a penny of benefit).

Anonymous said...

The PDB was for Bush to read. He also failed to see the seriousness of the AlQueda threat. He, too, was rewarded with another 4 year term. So, I conclude, many of our citizens live in the Bizarro world as well!
I understant the misinformation campaign and the tactics of the conservatives, but anyone who really cared for the facts and wanted to invest an hour a week to think and look for the truth would have known the bare facts. So, the blame goes to the public too. They eat the crap they're fed without any critical thinking.
I still find people who believe that Sadam, AlQueda, 911, WMDs, etc, are all connected!.... It's dense!


Anonymous said...

The person responsible for the "uranium from Niger"--a claim made by Bush in the State of the Union speech--is now promoted and will be the top State Dept's person in charge of nuclear and other matters in Asia.
Why Dan Rather and CBS's mistake on the forged documents (but not about the validity of the fact that Bush got preferential treatment in the Texas National Guard where he failed to uphold his obligations) was a bigger news than the gross negligence, incompetence and outright lies of the Bush administration??!!!!