Feb 17, 2005

Exactly What We Called For: Clean House!

The progressive community was truly excited to see Howard Dean elected boss of the DNC, so many, especially in the blogosphere, were quick to begin raising money to "give ammunition" to the new chairman. Those of us who argued for waiting to see signs of a ..broom in action before contributing money to a corrupt system were happily surprised today to hear Democratic leaders, Harry Reid (Senate) and Nancy Pelosi (House) announcing their plans for a shake-up. The old system of a few insiders who had amassed a long string of stupefying losses has had a suffocating effect on the Democratic party over the last several decades!
It wasn't only this voice here but many others who have pointed out the obvious. Had Kerry won last November, perhaps the situation wouldn't change, but with the base still being engaged and fired up, this past election seems to be bringing something positive to us: the end of the entrenched consultants' reign. We need a modern, meritorious and open party. We need a winner!
This is a good start. It was only four days ago when we made a public call to Dean to pick up the broom, but we've been approaching anyone willing to listen for the need for such change. Thanks to Amy Sullivan for writing that excellent article on this topic. It's paying off. Congratulations to the two leaders. Chairman Dean can be the spearhead of the clean-up effort. And, thanks for listening. We'll be watching!


Anonymous said...

Boy, it's nice to see these two Dems pre-empt Dean! Reid-Pelosi supported Roemer for Chairman, but not they've got the message. They're trying to scoop Dean on the cleaning! Good! At least, all sides see now that the elite within the party has made lots of money but hasn't delivered.
Great posting by you guys!

Nick, NYC

Anonymous said...

I was part of the side that said "wait before we rush in with our monies".... The election of Dean as the DNC chair was a welcomed development. Although the newly raised money wouldn't go to the dreadful consultants, my fellow bloggers and I wanted to also send a message that we wanted to see a change starting immediately.
Reid and Pelosi got the train moving. I think Dean had the intention of doing this anyway. He wasn't supported by the establishment, not before, not now. But he won, so he would be turning his back to his grass-roots supporters if he didn't act.
I'm hopeful, and I think 2006 will be a much better year than Democrats might have expected after the 2004 election.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I didn't understand why DailyKos and other "big" bloggers jumped up to raise money for the DNC the second Dean got elected....until I found out the direct connection between them and the Dean organization.... Kos and others have received significant amount of money from Dean in exchange for support... I've heard that Kos disclosed this sometime ago, but not many people know this.......