Jun 1, 2006

DHS: New York City Has No National Monuments to Protect!

The Enemy From Within Is of Our Own Creation!
If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere! This American city is iconic, has everything and more. But, it has no "national monuments" according to Big Brother's agency [the Dept. of Homeland Security] in charge of offering protection to the common citizen. I think someone's up for promotion in Caesar's palace; what an outstanding analysis of the security needs of NYC! No national monuments, hey? We're cutting your DHS allowance by 40%, the "hommies" decided. ABC News obtained a document that shows the DHS thinks there aren't any national documents in NYC, therefore it cut the anti-terrorist funding this year from $205 million (2005) down to $125 million (2006).

The DHS is much-ado-about nothing in the fight against terrorism. Of course we must defend ourselves but we have to do it smartly! The DHS is a bloated huge bureaucracy filled with incompetent but loyal-to-Caesar praetorians. Like any entity that has lots of power can create more problems than solutions if it doesn't tread nibbly and with competence. Generally, I'm not in favor of creating an overfed, humongous elephant and then bring him into our living room. He's bound to make a mess and break a few precious things, like our civil liberties. Who's responsible for this monster? All those who were scared out of their wits and allowed themselves to be manipulated by the politics of fear, and those who used 9-11 as an opportunity to grab more power by reducing our democracy, enrich themselves, and even consolidate the winner of the class warfare in our country.

If you look at the decisions being made under the Republicans who have controlled all branches of our government in the last 6 years, then it's rather obvious that we've entered into an alternative-reality universe. Like Bizzaro World! It makes sort of sense only if you try to predict the outcome of an action, like: Clean Air Act means more air pollution; No Child Left Behind, means less support for public schools; Pro Life, means no support for the ..living; Bringing Democracy to the Middle East, means less democracy at home and more terrorism in the Middle East; We know where they [WMDs] are, and Mission Accomplished.....

I have a particular affinity for New York and I know there are many ..structures worth protecting, not to mention the wonderful mosaic comprised of human beings. Maybe Bush got the memo, that New Yorkers (especially in the 5 boroughs) disapprove of him by a margin of over 80%! For me, counter-terrorism (like solving the immigration problem) should be a comprehensive approach, and the current administration has the wrong priorities while misspending billions of our money.

I'd like the White House to inform us when the award ceremony will take place. I'm sure the geniuses who didn't see any monuments worth protecting in NYC will get a promotion or at least a medal--like all the other failures in the Bush administration who screwed up royally but didn't criticize their superiors or had the courage to speak up and admit a mistake or two.

I intend to keep enjoying the city as much as I can. For those of you who visit, here are a few interesting places: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the NY Public Library, Empire State Building, The United Nations, The Statue of Liberty, the Museum of Natural History, The Guggenheim, Times Square, etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately those landmarks have been found on several terrorist lists. I hope this won't prevent you from visiting. The best thing to do about combating terrorism is to give Congress subpoena power (by restoring some check & balances, and a change of leadership) this November and to vote very carefully in the primaries and the general election to follow!

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." —G W Bush, Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004

Addendum: Blogger Bill in Portland Maine (Daily Kos, 6/2/06) points out some of the possible targets the terrorist may add to their list... Like Key West's Chicken Store, Alamo's Toilet Art Museum... The "Freedom Budget" could be used to save our icons of American culture. Now, who could save us from the "hommies"?


Samantha said...

Unfortunately much of the budget given as support to the states is mismanaged, or, not allocated according to actual security needs.

That's why anti-terrorist monies go to equip garbage trucks with AC, buy trailers to transport go-carts, etc, etc.

I think some 75% of the money allocated isn't according to need by as a state entitlement.

So, we see the obscene fact that Montana gets more $ per resident than NYC or other metropoles that are actually targets of terrorists.

Tsk, tsk.

Derek said...

Good points. Here is an article on the subject of misallocation of funds by DHS

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Of course Bush or Cheney got the memo.... New York and especially the City hates them both.

dee said...

I agree we need national monuments but people are more important... so, i don't understand why there would be an cut in aid from DHS. Especially when NYC has been already targeted, twice!

elizabeth said...

It's retribution for Bloomberg vowing to defend gay marraige.

Your point about voting carefully is well taken. We need to be sure and start researching our local candidates now!

Tuli said...


Right again, it is “Bizzaro World.” So, the two cities that have actually had 100% of terrorist attacks by foreigners, as apposed to the home grown terrorists, which I think of as the Base, get cut by 40%. Well, if Rover and BushCo. thought for a moment that New York and DC could, or would, ever be anything other than Blue, they can kiss that shit goodbye!

Bizzaro World, indeed! And, it is good to know that Politics has nothing to do with DHS pork and its risk based analysis. The question being whose risk is being analyzed: could it be the Republicans?