May 27, 2006

Memorial Day Is About Heroic & Purposeful Death Not War-Mongering

Taking a Moment to Reflect and Appreciate
Be a sunflower today, turn your head towards the sun. Close your eyes and take a moment to reflect on your life. Let a sense of well-being come from within. Feel alive. Appreciate you being. And, make the world a little better by doing something nice for those around you, even if some of them are far away. Let's not forget that we're standing on the shoulders of others, who stood on the shoulders of others and so forth. Many of those who came before us and many who came after us but left us too early made the ultimate sacrifice.

The extended Memorial Day weekend is here along with the unofficial start of the summer. This holiday should remind us of those Americans (many of them immigrants and non-citizens) who gave their lives to keep us safe and free. But, this holiday should also be about life, because sacrifices should have some altruistic purpose, a greater contribution, a way to make life better for those left behind. That's why we, as a nation, must be very careful when we commit our blood, sweat and tears to a cause. And, we better make sure that our leaders understand this.

I don't like big proclamations, overused superlatives and fake patriotism. Actually I'm offended by persons who show little respect and appreciation for the many & great sacrifices ordinary people made to build this beautiful country of ours. The presence and/or the size of the flag doesn't necessarily reveal a person's commitment to this country. As a matter of fact, those who wear the American flag on their lapels and fly huge flags are often people who either want to sell us ..used cars or a scheme whereas all the sacrifices are made by us, not them! Kinda like, the business arrangement between the hen and the pig, whereas one provides the eggs and the other one the ham!

Any national holiday should serve as an opportunity for us to reflect on the things that unite us and why we choose to stick together in this commonwealth. What means to be an American and what responsibilities it carries is something we ought to ask ourselves; and we ought to ask our leaders the same question more often. We have plenty of examples in our own history when the leaders failed the people. We have the power to change things for the better, but only if we're informed and engaged in the affairs of our nation. I think this is the greatest honor and a respectful memorial to those who gave their lives for us. This is the patriotic way; to protect this United States of America and enhance the lives of its people.

And speaking of life, don't forget to create memories every day! Give it a try, you'll see life becoming more interesting this way! Have a great summer (and more) ahead!