Sep 25, 2006

Being Part of Change Starts at Home. Get Involved Today!

Before We Run Them Out of Town in 2008, We Need To Restore Some Checks & Balances First.

As this very important election approaches, here's a link about how you can help. No, it's not about money, it's about volunteering for a campaign near your home. Even if you can give a few hours on the phone, or knock on doors on a crispy Autumn day, or put up lawn signs. Whatever you can do to help. This is about citizens' getting involved to change this do-nothing Congress, and impact on local races too.

Act Blue

And, by the way, register to vote today if you haven't done so already, if you haven't voted in a couple presidential elections, or if you've moved. Usually your voter registration must be received by your local Board of Elections no less than 30 days before the next election. Google-search it. Here are the ones for the New York State, and for New Jersey.