Sep 18, 2006

Darfur: The New Century's First Genocide. More to Come on October 1, Unless...

The Culture of Life Should be Universal

400,000 dead, 2.5 million displaced, 10,000 dying every month. Yes, I'm talking about human beings. Not much more to add. Just click on the links to learn all there's to know about this first genocide of the 21st century. Then do whatever you can to help, but at least add your voice to the cries for immediate help. And, take notes on who's listening so you can hold accountable the powers that be.

[A couple pictures I took at the rally to Save Darfur in NYC, 9/17/06]

Watch George Clooney's poignant testimony on the urgency of the Darfur situation. Also, this Clooney & Power interview.

Go to to find out how you can help.

Be aware of the world around you. Many of the worst crimes take place because of people's apathy--that's why the government of Sudan & its allies have been killing with impunity.

A Darfur victim pictured (left). Unless the US, the UN, and the whole international community step in with peace-keeping forces by the end of this month, then, for those who care to watch, we'll witness wholesale murder, again. Read more on the Human Rights Watch site.

PS. Is this a reflection of our collective priorities? Media coverage of the ongoing genocide in Darfur has been woefully inadequate. The Center for American Progress found that during June 2005, CNN, FOX News, NBC/MSNBC, ABC, and CBS ran 50 times as many stories about Michael Jackson and 12 times as many stories about Tom Cruise as they did about the genocide in Darfur.

UPDATE, 9/19/06: I suppose it's good that President Bush appointed a special envoy to coordinate our response to this crisis. Except, the incompetence and patronage--two main characteristics of BushCo--are into play, again, despite the huge costs in human lives a possible failure in management may bring. Andrew Natsios is going to be this person to manage the Darfur situation. But, Natsios has proven himself as incompetent and corrupt. He "managed" the Big Dig in Boston--the most mismanaged public works project in US history! Yeah, he's the same person who told us that the Iraq reconstruction costs would be no more than $1.6 billion. Ignorance & incompetence are bad but applied ignorance & incompetence are worse because of the effect! I hope Natsios won't add to the series of deadly mistakes of BushCo regarding Darfur, but, sadly, I'm pessimistic.