Dec 23, 2006

Conservative Talking Heads Offer Dung to American Consumers

Warning: Ingesting Without Chewing Leads to Atrophy of the Brain and Loss of Clear Vision

Are we having a good national dialogue in this country? Well, depends where you go and what you read/watch/listen, but there are too many people out there who make tons of money by spewing venom and provoking the worst emotional responses. Obviously, there is an audience, of the lowest common denominator, because an extremist is marginalized if his message doesn't find willing ears and narrow minds.

There are idiots on all sides, in every political & social segment, but why is it that the worst, most hateful rhetoric comes from the Conservatives and the theocons? Why isn't there a ..liberal equivalent of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Culter, Savage, Beck, Robertson, Falwell, Boortz, etc, ? Because, the liberals & progressives tend to be a lot better B.S. detectors! We are critical thinkers for the most part. Those persons who claim to be part of the "righteous ones," who think they've have "high morals" are indeed the ones who are the most hateful mongers that walk in the gutter. It wouldn't be all the worrisome if they were promptly ignored, but they do matter because they have millions of Americans who agree with them.

Media Matters put together some highlights (rather, lowlights) of the ..dung served to millions of Americans in 2006 by those media barons, who, ironically, also decry America's the lack of .."moral fitness." So, do you want to know who'd sodomize their mothers, push Jewish children into the oven? Who's more gay, Clinton or Gore? Why to exterminate all barbarians? What animation movie has a homosexual subtext? Who looks like Tina Turner peeing on an electric fence? No, I'm not making this up, these are comments on shows with millions of viewers/listeners. [click on the link to find out] By the way, all this nonsense about the "War on Christmas" was the creation of that hypocrite [pictured] to generate ratings and distract attention from that sexual harassment case...

A democracy usually falters & falls from within. Likewise, the worst enemy is ourselves; we've often inflicted more damage on our country than our enemies on us. The dumbing down of our society, that simplistic ignorance and primitive emotional responses, Big Brother policies, the encouragement of cynicism about our public life, all are obstacles to a better life, a safer country, a forward-looking nation, and a enhanced culture of life!

Happy Holidays (Festivus?) to all.

"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." Stephen Colbert