Dec 11, 2006

UN's Kofi Annan Thinks Bush is Near Sighted! Well, He's Wrong!

Bush Thinks "History Will Get it Right" After He's Dead! (He's convinced but not convincing!)

"This country has historically been in the vanguard of the global human rights movement. But that lead can only be maintained if America remains true to its principles."

Outgoing UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan in his speech at the Truman Library.

I wanted to note the last speech of Secretary Annan and how true his statement rings. As I've said before on many occasions, we cannot give up all those things that made us strong in order to defend ourselves from our enemies. Otherwise, we'll become like our enemies and we'll lose our edge. It's no accident that open societies, where people enjoy liberty and personal freedoms, tend to be more successful than other states where Big Brother rules. Democracy is a continuous process, an evolving education, an opportunity to self-fulfillment. Trust has to earned, leadership has to be exercised responsibly, and common values have to be cultivated.

G.W. Bush waisted the opportunity of the century, after 9-11, when the world was behind the US. This man--devoid of any historical knowledge, disinterested in world affairs, fanatical in his absolutism, incompetent, and corrupt--has divided our friends and united our enemies. I hope it has become evident that elections do have consequences, and they are not about electing a folksy person we'd like to have a beer with...

"No nation can make itself secure by seeking supremacy over others," Mr Annan said, urging the US to respect human rights in its "war on terror. " But, I'm afraid that stubborn frat boy in the White House isn't listening...

I think Mr. Annan is right about a far-sighted US leader in the Truman tradition, but he's wrong about Bush's near-sightedness. The latter is divorced from reality altogether! Only he can see the US winning in Iraq.