Feb 13, 2007

Homage to a Great Scientist: Charles Darwin. (Though He Failed to Predict that Evolution Can Regress in America)

Seeking and Examining the Evidence

Charles Darwin [author, Origins of the Species]was born 198 years ago; today we have one of the strongest scientific theories, that of evolution. I won't go, again, into what makes a scientific theory and what science really is, but I still find it amazing that with all the access to knowledge and information we've got, there are so many people who shut their minds off, willingly. I suppose for some people how they define their identity and how they wish to believe is more important than knowing or amending their beliefs.

In a few days, presidential hopeful John McCain is going to deliver a speech to the advocates of creationism, or intelligent design [yes, only one, their version of mythology] at the Discovery Institute. They promote a Biblical version of events, and a replacement of science as we know it. McCain's shift to the theocratic conservatism is now complete. He joins science-illiterate Bush in saying that some stone-age superstitions and myths should be taught in our schools as science! Kids should be exposed to all points of view, as if we know nothing about the physical world!

Yeap, gravity is a magical force, the sky is held up by a very strong dude, named Atlas, and how can you not believe in Santa Claus, the unicorn, elves, and the Tooth Fairy? That's why it's comforting to believe that we'll always be number one, and that make-believe is better than reality! Why, watching Faux News Channel you can see that we're winning the war in Iraq, the president is wise, no one is stealing our money, and criticical thinking is for sissies.