Apr 18, 2007

The Camel's Back is Already Broken.... But, Bush Uses One More Club to Bash Consumers

In another political offense, president Bush nominated Michael Baroody to head the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). The revolving-door policy of this administration continues. People from a particular industry are given power to regulate that industry, and, after serving in Bush's administration [not the public interest], they go back to the industry they came from within a few years! Gale Norton, the former Secretary of the Interior, is a recent example.

Who's M. Baroody, you ask? For the past 13 years, Michael Baroody has served as Executive Vice President at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) - a K Street lobbying behemoth devoted to helping big manufacturers evade accountability for their wrongdoing. [more info and action]

The CPSC is our top government agency in charge of protecting consumers from unsafe products! Oh, yeah, don't penalize any company for spilling arsenic in our drinking water! Why, this could harm profits! "NAM claimed that negligent manufacturers would feel a pinch in their profits if forced to prevent their waste products from poisoning local communities." [source] Now, don't tell me that asbestos is conclussively harmful... There's someone somewhere who says it ain't so!; let's not rush to judgment like those tree-hugging freedom-haters who have already been trying to save our environment! Pfff