Apr 27, 2007

The Former CIA Chief George Tenet Comes out of the Closet (way too late) to Sell Books

Not all those who receive presidential medals are true patriots.

George Tenet is now speaking out adding his voice to those who have said that the Bush administration did not seriously discuss and evaluate the evidence on which it was building the case for war against Iraq. No kidding! BushCo was not interested in the evidence, because implementing neoconservative policy was more important than anything else. Mr. "slam-dunk" Tenet was a willing participant in perpetuating this huge hoax on the American people while he was CIA chief. He sat behind Secretary Powell at the UN to add his authority to the (false) claims the US Secretary of State was making to the world.

Tenet is going public today--today, when things are going very badly in Iraq. I have no doubt that he'd be claiming credit if the occupation of Iraq had been managed more competently. If he truly had any sense of responsibility left, he should have come out one year ago before the midterm elections when many Republicans still argued that the war in Iraq was a necessity! Now Tenet is out to sell his book. His credibility was destroyed by his own actions (or inaction) and by the man who gave him a presidential medal of freedom! Tenet is just one of the several incompetent but loyal Praetorians who were given medals, promotions, and plum jobs in the private sector after their tour of duty in the Bush administration.

Loyalty to Caesar is the guiding principle here--above and beyond loyalty to the country. How can a person sit there in support of a policy to commit the nation's most precious resources, to shed our blood sweat & tears, spend a stupendous amount of money, when you know there is no hard evidence to support the necessity of such action? Where's the patriotism, where's the duty to rise up and try to prevent the country from plunging into a disastrous war of (bad) choice?

Streching evidence & peddling faith-based intelligence at the UN
Today, Tenet is playing the sympathy card--that he was used by tricky Dickey and, thus, his career destroyed. That's right, blaming others because he couldn't stand up. What career is he talking about anyway? Staying a couple more years as CIA chief? That's baloney. Tenet was a very ordinary man who rose to a high position but could not rise to the occasion when the country needed him the most. He accepted his tarnished medal and he kept his mouth shut. He moved on to the lucrative private sector using his CIA credentials. Now, he wants to sell books while appealing to the incredulity of the American people. His opportunity to do good for America has passed. He's not bringing anything new to the table. We already know about the horrible deceit perpetrated on the world by the neocons. Tenet was a facilitator and a lackey.

UPDATE, 4/30.
"You were a willing participant in a poorly considered policy to start an unnecessary war and you share culpability with Dick Cheney and George Bush for the debacle in Iraq."
Former CIA officers in a letter to George Tenet.