Aug 12, 2007

Experts on (Eaves) Droppings

Part 1. You may not know much about Mugabe of Zimbabwe, but this brutal dictator has destroyed his country. Yet, there are signs that our country has something to teach him. After all, under Bush's doctrine, the US should export some of the goodies we enjoy here. Stop, don't pop the bubbly just yet. Mugabe made a domestic surveillance law, like any other dictator who wants to control the private lives of his "subjects." All in the name of national security of course! This "interception of communications bill" will give his government the authority (as if it needed a permission) to eavesdrop on phone, internet communications, and read all mail, electronic & regular. Bush's actions have been an inspiration to our enemies and all the enemies of democracy & freedom. Nice legacy Dubya!

Part 2. I was drinking my morning coffee when I read this and I laughed in a way that coffee came out of my nose! So, be warned. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is going to Iraq to offer advice on how to build their judicial system! Need to say more?....