Apr 27, 2008

Another Case of Lies & Propaganda by Bush & Co. Not Surprising, but Why Haven't the Media Picked up on this Story Yet?

I am a fan of Bill Moyers. I appreciate anyone who adds intelligence to the dialogue and enhances knowledge. Here come Bill O'Liely and Newt Gingrich, who label Moyers as "far left" and "impressed with those who hate America"! This because Moyers interviewed Rev. Wright. Sure, those "America haters".. as compared to those who love America by foolishly sacrificing American lives--here (no universal health care) and abroad (Iraq War). And, those who use code words, such as "limited government" to mean no protection (consumer, environment, health) and no empowerment (access to opportunities, like education, etc).

The people have a right to know, even if they choose not to know. Libraries should exist even if they're not used by everyone. Same with parks. Certain things are necessary even if most people don't use them. Insurance is a thing you buy, just in case... Same with the court warrants; they're almost automatically given to law enforcement for the asking, but they're a necessary condition of accountability and of creating a record for a particular action by our government!

There's a report that shows how the Pentagon paid "policy analysts" to go on national media and promote the administration's [note: the official views, not what many generals & experts are really saying about the Iraq war] views. The mainstream media swallowed this. Remember how BushCo would feed Judith Miller of the New York Times (formerly) and others who would publicize the lies & misleading information prior to the war? And, then BushCo would say, for example, "as the NY Times reported..." Yeah, that kind of situation whereas propaganda and the media's failure to uphold professional standards [you know, seeking the truth and the facts] was repeated again. It seems that we haven't learned from past gaffes.

It's illegal for the president to intentionally mislead Congress. It's illegal for the government to secretly pay people to propagandize. Since before the invasion of Iraq, BushCo hatched a plan to mislead the country. Part of this plan was to pay for surrogates [at least 75 former military officers, now consultants to the war machine] to "amplify the message" and insert them into the mainstream media as "analysts"! The media were duped, once again. This story has come to light, but the media is not covering it! Finally, News Hour (PBS) did a segment the other day. [Watch it here]

The Iraq war could not have been sold unless for the deceit perpetrated by Bush & Co. I think we deserve better than being lied to and treated like little children. You see, that's the conservative approach: all discipline and no nurture. I'm not looking for a nanny state, because many of us are happy to be adults and take responsibility for our actions. And, we don't want to defer judgment to Big Brother. We're confident enough and can deal with a challenging crisis.

But if someone insists on collectively treating us like a child, then at least they should provide all the benefits a child should have: health care, clean air, education, protection, safe food, adequate shelter, a healthy environment (and a healthy Earth to live on), daycare, and opportunity to success. We don't need reckless parenting--those disciplinarians who are only good at abuse. Even those who feel like kids today--unsure & afraid--should rise up and emancipate themselves. They'll be better off without the bullying and the deceptions of the self-appointed guardians, because those guardians' interest lays in keeping people immature!

I don't think we need guardians, Big Brother, or a messiah, as long as we mature, interested & engaged citizens of this great country. It's time we take control of our government [throw the bums out this November] and demand to be treated with respect. After all, they work for us!

Update 4/28

Elizabeth Edwards wrote an op-ed piece in the NY Times on Sunday. Here are some excerpts:

  • The problem today unfortunately is that voters who take their responsibility to be informed seriously enough to search out information about the candidates are finding it harder and harder to do so, particularly if they do not have access to the Internet.

  • The vigorous press that was deemed an essential part of democracy at our country’s inception is now consigned to smaller venues, to the Internet and, in the mainstream media, to occasional articles.

  • If voters want a vibrant, vigorous press, apparently we will have to demand it. Not by screaming out our windows as in the movie "Network" but by talking calmly, repeatedly, constantly in the ears of those in whom we have entrusted this enormous responsibility.
Oh, by the way, Sen. McCain's health care plan wouldn't cover her or even McCain himself! [pre-existing cancer conditions]