May 1, 2008

G W Bush: Mission Accomplished! [oh, well, that's what he told us on May 1, 2003]

Update, 5/2.
There's this perception that the media has a liberal bias. [This is not so, but I'll grapple with this topic in a future post.] Let's see how this "liberal" media has been so kind to the Bush administration for far too long; and how it surrendered its professional credentials during the time when the country was getting ready for the war in Iraq. When we needed the media to serve the public interest the most, they just became Bush&Co's lapdog.

Chris Mooney wrote a great article in the Columbia Journalism Review:

Here’s what these six editorial pages did write, during the crucial six-week period between Powell’s speech and the beginning of hostilities on March 19, 2003. They ranged from hawkish without a shade of doubt (The Wall Street Journal and, to a lesser extent, the Chicago Tribune), to prowar but conflicted (The Washington Post and USA Today), to antiwar without United Nations approval (The New York Times and Los Angeles Times).

None of these six unconditionally opposed war. Neither did any of them throw their weight behind intellectually appealing, but nevertheless unofficial, prowar arguments. These included the so-called “liberal hawk” position, which focused less on Hussein’s status as an imminent threat and more on the moral case for overthrowing a murderous tyrant. In other words, of the six papers we studied, for the most part, the ones that supported war also accepted Bush’s justifications for it.

Among the nation's most "liberal" voices [mainstream press], the Washington Post, was one of the most hawkish supporters of the war; and, we can't forget Judith Miller's front-page articles in the NY Times! These two papers (among many) echoed BushCo's claims for the necessity of the Iraq War! Let's not forget all the aspects of how we got there...

Fiver years later... Are we winning yet?

PS>Our top military commanders in Afghanistan are alarmed and calling for a serious reinforcement and attention to that conflict over there, because the Taliban has been gaining and, they say, there are serious threats to our national security originating in Afghanistan! But, the mainstream media haven't picked up on this story yet. I guess Rev. Wright is more dangerous for America...

Update, 5/5:
This another shocking news.
The number of suicides among veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may exceed the combat death toll because of inadequate mental health care, the U.S. government's top psychiatric researcher said. [from]