Feb 19, 2010

Public Debate on Health Care: It's a Trap if You Have Nothing Meaningful to Say!

President Obama has invited the Republican leadership to a televised discussion on health care reform, but the GOP and their allies say this is a trap! Well, sure it is! The conservatives will be trapped in a room with cameras and they'll look like fools because they have nothing meaningful to suggest in terms of health care reform. They'll stick to the same slogans about "government takeover," and why we should avoid "socialism" at all costs!

Here's how they do health care in Hawaii (is that territory part of the US?) which appears to be under an oppressive socialist regime. We are all going to die if Hawaii's health care experiment (last 40 years) is implemented on the mainland! Or, at least that's what the Republicans want you to believe...

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Mississippians Turn to Iran for Health Care Help

Meanwhile in Mississippi there's a problem with infant mortality [according to CIA Factbook] whose death rates compare to an impoverished Third World country. But, Mississippians are free primarily because they have been voting for leaders who have successfully reduced or eliminated government services. However, they have to be more vigilant nowadays... It seems that some traitors have turned to Iranian doctors for advice on how to reduce infant mortality in one of our poorest states!

Barbara O'Brien has written a very interesting article on Mississippi's health state. She also points out Mississippi's tort reform as having no serious effect on controlling costs. This is important because the conservatives keep arguing that tort reform (reduce lawsuits & damages awards) will fix the problem of the rapidly rising costs of health care. Here's her other article on the ..Iranian involvement in Ole Miss.