Nov 19, 2010

GOP Hides the Huge Tax Cuts to the Rich Under the Guise of "Tax Cuts for Everyone"

Extremes of power and wealth aren't good for a country that aspires to have a system and a government that serves the people, not the elites. Those who want to maintain such disparity of wealth distribution are buying off our government, but not without the help of millions of Americans who vote against their own economic interests when they can least afford it.

Alan Grayson may have lost his reelection bid earlier this month, but he will be remembered by the progressives because of moments like these:

This Nicholas Kristof editorial asks, what country do we aspire to be? Indeed:

"Would we really want to be the kind of plutocracy where the richest 1 percent possesses more net worth than the bottom 90 percent?
Oops! That’s already us. The top 1 percent of Americans owns 34 percent of America’s private net worth, according to figures compiled by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington. The bottom 90 percent owns just 29 percent."