Nov 21, 2010

Pope Benedict in Favor of Universal Health Care! He Also Discovers Positive Uses of Condoms

Suddenly Pope Benedict has heard from God, I guess. It's interesting to see the contortions of the Catholic hierarchy--that's been adamant against condoms--trying to explain the Pope's latest edict that condoms may be appropriate in some circumstances! Just a few months ago, Benedict was saying that condoms are worse than AIDS, and that they do lead to more venereal diseases! Whatever this prince of darkness discovered in the recesses of his own delusional mind, it should be applauded if it leads to progress.

The Catholic Church is a force to be reckoned with, because it has many millions of faithful behind it. Any good deed and any statement in support of a better society should be acknowledged. For example, the Pope recently said that universal health care is a right not a privilege and that all advanced liberal-social democracies must provide it! [Catholic News Service] This is exactly what the progressive community has been saying, so I'm glad to see more people coming aboard. I think the Church should make this a priority and call upon political leaders to push for true universal health care coverage--especially here in the US where many conservative Catholics vote for "the party of NO."

Of course, health care includes family planning and abortions, but we'll take the Church's latest view on condoms and health care as a step toward progress and a more enlightened society.