Jun 17, 2011

Same-sex Marriage: A Necessary Civil Rights Act. New York State Must Approve this Progressive Law.

UPDATE (6/25/11): New York became the 6th state and the largest (doubled the number of people who have equal right to marriage) state to adopt same-sex marriage! It's also the among the 3 states whose legislatures and governors passed such a law; the other states have it because of court decisions. The NYS law will be in effect by the end of July.

It's a simple question, really. Should every adult be able to marry someone of his/her choice? But, religion interjects and argues about defending "traditional" marriage--yeah, traditional--when marriage was between man and women, or, married not for love but other considerations, or, when races weren't allowed to mix. 

New York state is on the verge of approving same-sex marriage, but Senate Republicans have to come along to make it happen. Again, the objections center around "protecting" religious freedom. It's a constitutional right to believe whatever, and religious organizations can have their own rules. Among adults, any religion can remove the eyes of every third congregant if it has a "command from God" that the ..truly faithful must walk in darkness. I have no problem with that, as religions shouldn't have any problem with other adults choosing their mates. But, they do, so their strange beliefs become our problem. Progressive states must truly separate public policy from religious dogma.

I'm not gay, and, as far as I know, no one in my immediate family is homosexual, so the law allowing same-sex marriage won't affect me--except that it will be another important step in expanding civil rights & liberties in a society I live in. 

The modern state gives certain privileges (economic and legal) to married couples, because it's deemed good for society. Therefore, the state should and can give out such allowances. Such marriages need no blessings from the Church or any other false--and they are false--God(s). We don't ask any religious organization to accept the secular approach to reality. Heck, the Mormon church didn't even admit blacks until 1978. [By the way, do you know why blacks are ..blacks, according to the Mormon doctrine? They were cursed by God who turned their skin dark!] Free-willing adults can join any crazy outfit they desire, and if they accept crazy beliefs that's their choice. 

The problem has been that for far too long religion and its "divinely-revealed truth" has hampered humankind. This is the time for us to take great strides in ending this moronic approach to reality. Public policy should be based on secular, scientific, and well-thought out approach. Our government should promote happiness and the well being of the people; that's progressive and allows for individual choice!