Jul 12, 2011

Why We Should Not Care About the Others... Unless Morality is HOW We Treat Others!

I have good health insurance, I'm not gay, I have a decent job, I'm making enough to live a good life; I have good connections, and great circle of family & friends. All those I care about, are here already (or had come in the distant past), so I want enforcement-only immigration policies.

I live in an area with better environment than many others, and our local schools are very good; I'd send my kids (if I had any) to a school where science, history, and critical thinking are valued.

Even though I hate those gaddam liberals, they have created a community [careful now not to go too ..communistic] where free expression of all sorts is allowed and people are free to pursue their own bliss.

So, screw it, I don't care about others. Being self-serving, greedy, is patriotic,  and I believe God has a plan for everyone. Some people are stupid, sick, and lazy, and not worthy of society's help, because for the most part they're responsible for the choices they've made!  Freedom means the absence of a nanny state, and, of course, no strong social safety net is necessary. Just mentioning the word "social" invokes ..socialism--which is clearly undesirable since it takes away our freedoms! We want to be free to do whatever we want, right?

I make my own bargains with God, who tells me that "free will" includes people's ability to sin, have homosexual (or unnatural) sex, and choose to be sick and poor. America, I believe, is the land of opportunity where anyone who works hard enough can realize the American dream. 

Taxing is the forceful stealing of a person's property. Some of the taxes are necessary to provide for a proper defense, law & order--even though we can save money and have more freedom by privatizing the police and most of our military. I believe that the marketplace has an ingenious mechanism of self-adjustment, and this system creates most of the wealth for the benefit of...


Except, that I actually believe that morality is how we treat others, and that a commonwealth is a society that's set up for the benefit of all, not the elite, so I keep asking a simple question every time they talk about passing a law, defining the role of government, etc. This simple question is: who's going to benefit from this action?

Video: Keith Olberman's criticism of President Obama's negotiating priorities with the Republicans on the role of government. Well said!

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