May 6, 2006

Vote Against this Good-for-Nothing Congress

No Time to Waste
On November 7th, there is a very important election in our country, whereas 435 seats in the House and 33 Senate seats are up. There will be plenty of time to analyze the races, but the time to mobilize is now. We can’t afford to take a long vacation this summer, because by Labor Day it may be too late. There are many Democrats, registered voters, who live abroad and didn’t vote in the last election.

Democrats Abroad seek to change this. Here’s an easy wizard to help those who live abroad or maybe traveling outside the country on election day. Hope you pass the word around. We need to get rid of this Do-Nothing Congress. In these times when our freedoms are more threatened from within, exercising our civic rights is a duty we can't afford to shed. Use it or lose it!