Jul 3, 2007

Bush Stays the Course! [Meaning: Shred the Constitution, Waste More Lives in Iraq, Take Care of the Praetorians... ] And a Scooter for Libby!

UPDATED, 7/5 [with excerpt from Libby's book, "The Apprentice"]

The Emperor May Have No Clothes, But He Wields a Mighty Pen... [until Jan. 2009]

Did you see how dainty Paris Hilton looked coming out of jail? Poor thing. Her wealthy family & the preferential treatment she had gotten in the past couldn't help her this time. She did the crime and she did the time. It's a lesson I hope she's learned--that impaired driving can kill. Revealing a covert CIA officer's identity can also kill and imperil the agent's contacts abroad--but this lesson has escaped the narrow minds that reside currently in White House!

A few days ago, the defenders of legality and the spirit of the law [I want to laugh but this is very serious stuff] got a victory when they denied amnesty to millions of trespassers who broke into our country to clean our toilets, nanny our children, trim our lawns, pick our fruits & veggies, etc.

Bush Keeps Adding to His Legacy
Yet, Bush came to help his special advisor. Lewis "Scooter" Libby didn't get a pardon, not yet. This will come after his appeals are exhausted. He still faces big fines they say. Yeah, but thanks to that Law & Order actor--now running for president--Libby has raised many millions of dollars for his defense fund. Thus, no pain there either. Damage to his reputation? Come now, what reputation? These people don't care, because they don't put the country above their own private interests. Libby will land a plush job (like Wolfie did after leaving the World Bank) and will be invited to parties and be deemed a hero by the conservatives who still support Bush & Co. He doesn't have to mingle with the common folk or talk to his critics. Maybe a book deal will bring him more money!

Bush said he respects the jury's verdict, but somehow he finds it necessary to vacate the conviction. Sure, when was the last time this so-called unitary executive had much deference to the law & the US constitution? He, and his cohorts, even tried to argue that the White House (which includes the Office of the Vice President) may not be part of the ..executive branch!!! Whatever. I think we're past the point of debating rationally about issues and we're now in the realm of absurdity.

Here are some of the responses regarding the Libby case/amnesty... Here's one editorial, and here another. No need to repeat the excellent points made elsewhere regarding this bad decision by "the decider". But, as Bill Maher asked, "Who cares?" Joe Sixpack doesn't care; it's not about sex!

The GOP obviously thinks lying about a
sex affair between consenting adults is a greater sin than lying under oath while obstructing justice in covering up for treacherous behavior in the White House! I have to repeat this slogan, Clinton lied, nobody died. Bush lied, people died.

Can you imagine what the super-patriots would be yelling if someone in the Clinton WH had revealed the identity of a covert CIA agent? And, how the conservative "scholars" and other "experts" would be asking for impeaching of the president who had tried to cover up a crime in his administration? And, how the Congress (then controlled by the Republicans) would have absolute authority to investigate the cover up and enforce subpoenas?.... I'm just sayin'

UPDATE 7/5: Today, Libby paid the $250,000 fine. No sweat. Did you have any doubts that he'd be short on money? His defense fund has raised more than $5 million; his legal fees amount to $3-5 million. Unlike most of us, serious violations of the law and the public trust bear no consequences in this Bush White House. Actually, like most of the criminally incompetent before Libby, a promotion and more money come from obeying the laws of the ..cabal. It's not about law, but loyalty! Now, let's watch Libby's rehabilitation and the perks that'll follow...

PS. I do remember president Clinton's pardons too, especially the fugitive Frank Rich whose wife was a loyal fundraiser for the Clintons. The US president has unlimited power to pardon, but this, obviously, should be used judiciously, and not for those who have connections and other social privileges.
During his trial, Libby said he was very optimistic about his future because he had God on his side! Um, sure....

Excerpt from The Apprentice, by Lewis Libby

"At age ten the madam put the child in a cage with a bear trained to couple with young girls so the girls would be frigid and not fall in love with their patrons. They fed her through the bars and aroused the bear with a stick when it seemed to lose interest."

OK, I know it's "art," fiction, porn, bestiality, depravity, or whatever. Who knows, maybe Libby will become a writer for Hustler mag or get another author's advance since he can now bank on his infamy! Oh, the perks available to him...