Jul 7, 2007

We Have to Go Far Quickly. LIVE EARTH Events Raise Awareness For a Better Environment.

Did you watch any of the Live Earth events? Did they make you think or plan to take any action regarding the environment? It is about the environment--beyond global warming--and what kind of house we'll leave to our kids, the future generations. Sadly, the loudmouths and lowest-common-denominator agitators here in the US, have already labeled this latest effort a failure. Why is it that these conservatives don't like conservation? Why don't they like sensible acts that individually and through our governments can do to make a better place to live in?

The Earth's climate is always in flux, we know this. There's been a global
warming trend, much in acceleration in the last couple decades. This is what the scientific consensus is telling us; and that humans are responsible for this warming trend. The Earth would be doing whatever it would be doing by itself, but it doesn't take a genius to see that, since the industrial revolution, humans have been dumping huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere by burning coal, oil, etc. This does have an impact. Not a good one. We see its adverse effects in the quality of the air, in the polluted lands and waters. It's this simple. Isn't it? Now, why shouldn't we do something to help ourselves?

These Live Earth events are meant to raise awareness and prompt governments & private institutions to make more environmentally friendly policies. The good news is that everyone can do simple things without any sacrifices. Simple things, like, recycling, turning off lights & electric devices when not in use, use less gasoline, use less energy, pollute less, plant more trees, preserve forests, replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs, and so forth.

This issue shouldn't be another case of applied ignorance and indifference.