Jul 17, 2007

Republican Leaders Obstruct The Needed Change of Course in Iraq

The GOP is forced to stand up to the wishes of 70% of Americans.

This is the bottom line regarding the all-nighter at the US Senate: It's time to stand up and get counted. The vast majority of Americans want our troops out of Iraq, but the Republicans are filibustering. A filibuster is a delay tactic used by both sides on occasion which basically means that the obstructionist side doesn't allow the resolution of bill to come to a vote. Majority leader H. Reid (D-NV) decided to keep the Senate working without a break, forcing the Repubs to keep talking until they drop. This move is rare and of uncertain outcome. The Senate's rules require 60 votes to stop the "debate" and have a vote. Although there are several Repubs who now want an end to this war, there aren't 60 votes available.

The House can pass a bill by simple majority, and it seems that it will be able to do so if one emerges from the Senate. However, any bill before it becomes law the president has to sign it... Now, you see this ain't happening. But, it's important for our Congress to take a stand against a stubborn and incompetent president whose actions have brought so much suffering, has divided our country & our friends, while uniting our enemies and made them stronger.

UPDATE, 7/18

New Polls Confirm Americans Want Out of Iraq

A new CBS/New York Times poll shows that, even though the GOP successfully prevented a Senate bill on troop withdrawal from Iraq, there is a big majority (61%) of Americans that believe Congress should give money for the troops only if there a timetable for withdrawal. [add to this another 8% that wants no more money for this war].

Most Americans don't believe the escalation ("surge" in Bushspeak) is working, while 74% think the war is going badly. On the other hand, half of the Republicans think the war is going well...

President Bush: "AlQaeda is on the run"

At least this was what he was telling us since the invasion of Iraq and up to a few months ago. Now, he's not saying anything about this subject, probably because he's been briefed by his own intelligence agencies, which just issued a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)--a collection of reports--most of them classified. Unfortunately, according to the latest NIE, Al Qaeda has become stronger, has set up shop in several new areas, has recruited thousands more, while its ally, the Taliban, is back in force in Afghanistan & Pakistan where it controls large areas and has increased its attacks on US forces.

The war in Iraq was the best thing that happened to Al Qaeda and all its terrorist sympathizers. Iraq has been a lab for terrorist training and recruitment, while traditional enemies have allied in an effort to harm the US. After all the money, the blood, sweat and tears we've shed in the Near/Middle East, our country [have you noticed the increased usage of the world "Homeland"?] is not safer than before. For goodness sake, what was all this expedition to far away lands for? Bad decisions upon bad decisions, coupled with cronyism, incompetence, and hallucinations.