Oct 3, 2008

"Put the Government Back on the Side of the People"...

I tuned in for a crash & burn show, but it didn't happen. On the other hand, Sarah Palin did nothing to show that she's qualified to be anything more than a governor of a unique state.* She also proved that the pre-recorded messages came out clear, simple, and one-size-fits-all regardless of the relevance to the topic.

I'm happy to see Sen. Joe Biden win this debate with his breath of knowledge, poise, and specifics. This debate showed that Biden is ready to be president just in case...

"Put the government on the side of the American people," was uttered several times by Palin and it has been something the Repubs keep saying. But, what do they mean by this?

A government that's on the side of the people is, by definition, an activist government! One that regulates, supervises, referees, adjusts, and acts in the interest of the commonwealth. In short, a government on the side of the American people protects & empowers!

It's, at least, laughable that the Repubs--who do not have a positive proposal for the role of the government--are saying this. Unless, they mean, make the government so small as to be drowned in a bathtub! But, an impotent government falls prey to predators, and that's exactly what the Repubs and McCain-Palin have in mind.

"If we were a dog food, they would take us off the shelf." Retiring Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA) describing the Republican party.

*Some 80% of Alaska's revenues come from oil, and the state gets more in federal aid per person than any other state. Its population is 1/4 of New York City's borough of Brooklyn.


Anne said...

This is one of the best succinct and to the point statement I've seen lately in this election cycle.

I totally agree. I want a government on my side but one that can help me not to be my toddler sibling!

Anonymous said...

Palin came out like a puppet on a string... uttering the same old stupid mottos:

Tax & spend liberals

We'll keep you safe



drew said...

It's time we reclaim our government. No institution is perfect, but we have to use the government for the benefit of most people not the few, who also happen to be wealthy.

Besides, in everyday life, who needs stuff, like libraries, parks, safe water, health care coverage, etc? Heck, rich people don't need most of the stuff the rest of us need and can't afford to buy or enjoy.

Of course, a small gov. falls prey to the special big corporate interests. There's a revolving door practice too.

But, as long as so many Americans vote against their own interests, not much can be done.

Andros said...

I think this is a big question, why people vote Republican? Yes, this question has been examined in depth, beyond the obvious. It's a psychological/personality trait.

But, I'm planning to devote a post or two on this topic in the near future. Stay tuned.

George said...

The conservatives don't have a positive proposal for the role of government and in order to further prove their point, when they get control of the government, they damage it further. Then, they turn around and say, "see, we toldaya so!"

Sure, who needs a government-run agency like FEMA. It can't even prepare or react to a hurricane threat/aftermath despite having a few days advance notice. That's right, it's a heckuva job.