Oct 21, 2008

When It's Desperation Time, Some Politicians Become Even More Ridiculous

Putting America First...

It seems that Liberal Citizen was right about Sarah Palin. According to a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, the Alaska governor is McCain's biggest liability now.

It's desperation time for the Republicans as a whole. It's not only their top ticket but down the line as well that will take a beating.

Two years ago, up to Labor Day, most people expected that the Dems would retake the House. The Senate seemed out of reach; it was tight, but the Dems edged out the Repubs by winning 6 extra seats. Today, the question that remains unanswered is whether they'll make it to 60 Senate seats! In the House the Dems will add to their majority. This is an amazing turnaround in such a brief time.

Have you been ticked off by the "un-American" talk lately? Is this what the Repubs have left? Apparently they're running against straw men, but the country isn't bying it. On the ground, Mac has pulled out of Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, and has conceded Iowa. The GOP is still fighting a losing battle in PA, but there's no way this state will go red. Mac simply doesn't have enough states in the Electoral College to win this. He never managed to bring in any blue state that Kerry won in 2004. With Iowa, lost early on, and several other marginal red states flipping also early, it became increasingly difficult for the Repubs to be competitive.

CO, NM, IA are worth 21 EV. Add them to the 252 Kerry won and you get 273, three more that's needed to win the presidency! So, Mac needs PA or any other big state to turn red, but it's not happening by any stretch right now. On the flip side, big states Bush won in 2004, like Florida and Ohio are treading blue.

On election night, by 7 or 7:30 pm, if Virginia goes blue, it's all over.... 3 hours before polls close on the West Coast! Now the media likes a horse race, but they'll be hard pressed not to admit the obvious.

If you're wondering about your identity of a American patriot and small-town values, here's Jon Stewart to put things in (better than the national media) perspective.

Aren't we better as a country not to have to deal with this crap? I understand that most of us ain't buying it this year, but empty rhetoric and stupidity have been effective in the past. Check this out: